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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
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QBLNG's excuses
for state permitting process

Fabrications — again!

2008 April 6

Smith's claims to BEP prove to be false

Quoddy Bay LNG (QBLNG) Project Manager Brian Smith's letter to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) makes claims that prove to be false. Smith claimed that the Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline (M&NE) has a request before FERC to change their pipeline tariff regarding gas Btu quality.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay checked with both M&NE and FERC, and here's what we learned:

Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline refutes QBLNG's Brian Smith

Save Passamaquoddy Bay received a voicemail message from M&NE stating that they do not have a request before FERC to change the tariff-specified quality of the gas in the pipeline.

FERC Docket refutes QBLNG's claim

While Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline does have tariff-related comments on the FERC docket within the last year — they are regarding terminology definitions. There is absolutely nothing before FERC regarding changing M&NE gas Btu content or quality. The FERC docket number is RP08-113-000.

Check it yourself by going to the FERC eLibrary Docket Search page and entering RP08-113 in the Docket # field. Then, click "Submit." Search the results for tariff.

Quoddy Tides confirms QBLNG's Brian Smith falsehood

In The Quoddy Tides March 28 edition story, "Quoddy Bay seeks pre-hearing delay," Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline spokesperson Marylee Hanley confirms that they have no pending [gas quality] tariff change before FERC.

QBLNG's dishonest behavior pattern

This isn't the first time that QBLNG has made a false claim about their relationship with M&NE. QBLNG had previously stated they were in negotiations with M&NE for space in the pipeline to accept their regasified LNG. That, too, was disproven by M&NE.


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