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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21



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Posted 2013 Dec 19

Downeast Maine
Re-Exports Natural Gas
to Canada

The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) facility in Baileyville that obtains Canadian natural gas via the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline is re-exporting CNG to Prince Edward Island, Canada, as well as trucking CNG to several Maine locations.

Source: Baileyville CNG facility grows, The Quoddy Tides, 2013 Dec 13

Posted 2013 Dec 18

Marcellus Natural Gas
Exceeds Capacity of
11 Canaport LNG Import

Marcellus production = 13.7 billion cubic feet per day
Canaport output capacity = 1.2 billion cubic feet per day

13.7 Bcf/d ÷ 1.2 Bcf/d = 11.4

Source: Pennsylvania expected to pass Louisiana as nation's second top natural gas producing state for 2013, The Times-Picayune, 2013 Dec 17


Posted 2013 Nov 27

Canaport LNG
Has Received

Canaport LNG may start exporting this winter.

Source: Canaport LNG given permission to export via tankers, CBC News, 2013 Nov 26

Posted 2013 Nov 25

FERC Steps Backwards:
LaFleur Appointed
Acting FERC Chair

President Obama has appointed Cheryl A. LaFleur Acting Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

LaFleur, who has had a career in the natural gas industry, replaces green-energy champion Jon Wellinghoff, who left FERC November 25th.

Source: FERC Press Release, 2013 Nov 25

Posted 2013 Nov 1

Algonquin Pipeline Expansion
to Deliver Marcellus Natural Gas
to New England

Planned for 2016

Source: EIA: Marcellus Gas Pipeline Projects to Primarily Benefit New York and New Jersey,
LNG World News, 2013 Oct 31

Posted 2013 Nov 1

US LNG 8-Month Imports
Down 43%
Compared to Last Year

US LNG imports continue to drop significantly due to prolific domestic natural gas production and availability.

Source: Natural Gas Monthly, October 2013


Posted 2013 Oct 29

Downeast LNG
Mill Cove Project Site

Marcellus Rig Count vs Production

Open the full-size image in a separate page.

On 2013 July 31, since their option was going to expire, Downeast LNG exercised the option, purchasing the project property in Robbinston for $2.5 million.

Posted 2013 Oct 10

Marcellus Rig Count Down ~50%
Marcellus Production Up ~100%
Northeast Price Drop Predicted

Marcellus Rig Count vs Production

Despite the Northeast's Marcellus natural gas rig count dropping to around half compared to a year ago, dry natural gas production has approximately doubled in volume.

EIA graph

Northeast natural gas spot prices are predicted to fall substantially below Henry Hub prices.

Importing expensive overseas LNG to Maine as proposed by Downeast LNG, rather than using abundant, nearby, and cheap domestic natural gas, would be economic folly.

Source: "Collapse in Natural Gas Drilling No Threat to Marcellus"
NGI's Shale Daily, 2013 Oct 8



Posted 2013 Sep 27
Updated 2013 Oct 1


(September 30, 2013)

Take notice that, effective as of October 1, 2013 and until such time as the Commission issues a notice or otherwise takes action to the contrary, the Commission will continue normal business operations and maintain normal business hours as set forth in 18 CFR § 375.101(c) (2013).

(September 27, 2013)

FERC's Plan for Operating
in the Event of a
Lapse in Appropriations

If FERC has a lapse in appropriations, FERC will do an orderly shutdown of non-excepted activities, retaining just 48 employees and 19 contractors. (FERC currently has 1,460 employees.)

The five FERC Commissioners will continue working, and their formal action will continue.

FERC will postpone all deadlines and due dates for all pending matters not related to excepted activities.

All Downeast LNG permitting would be postponed.

Read the FERC Sep 27 document. (PDF; 41 KB)
Read the FERC Sep 30 document. (PDF; 12 KB)



Posted 2013 Aug 8
Updated 2013 Oct 29

Downeast LNG Has Bought
the Mill Cove Property
Required for the Project,
Paying $2.5 Million

Save Passamaquoddy Bay learned on August 6 from the Mill Cove landowner that he had sold the property to Downeast LNG.

On August 8, Downeast LNG notified the FERC Service List that the company has submitted to the FERC docket its announcement of exercising its purchase option.

Downeast LNG's notice will likely appear on the FERC docket on August 9.

The purchase option was to have expired on 2013 June 16. On August 5, FERC required Downeast LNG to clarify its standing by August 15 regarding access to the property.

It may be the land owner would not offer another option, forcing Downeast LNG to either purchase the land or abandon the project.

Or, perhaps Downeast LNG has another purpose in mind.

What is the hidden agenda?

See document showing purchase price, in separate window.



Posted 2013 July 29

With Deep Sadness

The Passing of Dear Friend
Jeff Wright

He will be missed.

Service and Viewing:
Thursday, August 1
Viewing: 1– 3 ET & 3–6 pm ET
Service: 6 pm ET
Mays Funeral Home,
26 Church Street, Calais 

Mays Funeral Home announcement

SPB Letter


Posted 2013 July 22

Neptune LNG Deepwater Port
Offshore from Gloucester, MA,
Has Suspended Operations

Neptune LNG began operations in 2010, but has had no imports for well over 2 years. On 2012 May 24 Neptune LNG submitted a request to MARAD* to suspend importing operations for five years, indicating it "will remain inactive for the foreseeable future."

On 2013 Jul 11 MARAD approved suspending imports.

This suspension further illustrates the lack of need for yet another idle LNG terminal in the US and New England. Downeast LNG has no purpose.

* MARAD = US Maritime Administration, the federal agency that permits offshore LNG terminals. (FERC permits onshore LNG terminals.)

PDF fileRead MARAD's 2011 Jul 11 suspension authorization (PDF 180K).
PDF fileLink to the same document at US Government Printing Office (PDF 180K).


Posted 2013 July 18

Downeast LNG Has Failed to Comply
Exclusion Zone Design Spill
Modeling Requirements,
>>> Stalling FERC Review <<<

FERC was scheduled to issue its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on Friday, July 19. In a July 16 FERC letter to Downeast LNG, and posted to the docket on July 17, FERC stated:

"We cannot proceed with the review of the project in the above-referenced docket until this issue is resolved."

The FERC Commission's final permitting decision is scheduled for October 17, but that is likely to change due to the FEIS publishing delay.

* PHMSA = US Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration


Posted 2013 July 15

FERC Scheduled to Publish
Downeast LNG FEIS
on July 19

FERC is scheduled to issue its Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) on Friday, July 19.

The FERC Commission's final permitting decision is scheduled for October 17.


Posted 2013 July 7

Port Ambrose LNG Proposal
Impeaches Downeast LNG

Proposed Port Ambrose LNG import terminal 19 miles offshore from New York intends to import during the high-demand winter months — the same period that Downeast LNG president Dean Girdis claims is impossible to obtain LNG cargoes.

Girdis uses his false argument in an attempt to marginalize the two LNG import terminals offshore from Gloucester, Massachusetts — that have had absolutely no imports for over two years — claiming that only Downeast LNG could provide natural gas during high-demand winter months.

The truth is that the US has a vast resource of domestic natural gas, negating the need for both Downeast LNG and Port Ambrose. If supply is needed during periods of high demand, the answer is pipeline infrastructure, not Downeast LNG's proposed additional surplus LNG import capacity that would make the US more reliant on overseas energy sources.

See the Port Ambrose offshore LNG import website.



Posted 2013 May 9

Three Quoddy Bay LNG-related
Properties in Eastport
To be Auctioned by Lender

Auction Date: May 23

One house with lot on Carlow Island, Eastport
Two vacant lots on Carlow Island, Eastport

All three properties were apparently owned by
Quoddy Bay LNG's Donald M. Smith, under The Lobster Crate Building, LLC

  1. Vacant lot, west side of Carlow Island @ 2 Sunset Drive
  2. House with lot, west side of Carlow Island @ 2 Bayview Drive
  3. Vacant lot along Rt-190 north of Bayview Drive, east side of Carlow Island @ 217 County Road (Rt-190)



Posted 2013 Apr 10

David Moses Bridges Day

A Save Passamaquoddy Bay Hero
Needs Our Support

David Moses Bridges, nationally respected master canoe builder and Passamaquoddy traditional artist, is battling cancer.

Sugery took place today, April 10, at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital in Boston.

Surgery to his nasal cavity required some reconstruction and will prevent him from reading or speaking for several months. Radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy may be required for about a six months. Happily, the physicians leading his healing believe he will have a complete recovery.

During this time, David will be unable to work.

Please share anything you can today, and into the future, to insure David and his family will be free of financial concerns during his time of healing.



Posted 2013 Mar 28

FERC Has Released Its
Downeast LNG
Revised Draft EIS*

Comment Period, ends on 2013 May 20.
Anyone may comment.

>>> Please contact Save Passamaquoddy Bay <<<
>>> before submitting your comments <<<

* Draft EIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement

>>> Download the PDF fileRevised Draft EIS (1.5MB). <<<


Posted 2013 Mar 1
Revised 2013 Mar 28

FERC Has Scheduled
Downeast LNG
EIS Release Date
July 19

Permitting Decision Date
Oct 17

Read FERC's March 1 Docket announcement of the scheduled items.



Posted 2012 Feb 26
Updated 2012 Feb 28

Canaport LNG's
Winter Imports
Fall 42%

Poor performance kills Canport sale to Shell.

Terminal Value Reduced
by $1.3 Billion



Posted 2012 Feb 20


...Regarding Your Legal Obligation to
Copy Docket Filings to the FERC Service List.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay has learned that FERC does not notify you when the Service List changes (email or postal address changes, or additions to and deletions from the list).

The Legal Onus IS ON YOU to DOWNLOAD the updated
FERC Service Listing...

Here's how to access and download the current Service List:

  1. FERC > Documents & Filings > eService > Service List > Login [Use the email and password you provided when you registered with the FERC system]
  2. Query Service List page will appear
  3. Enter Docket Number: CP07-52 & click the "Search" button. A table will appear below the "Enter Docket Number" field. It should contain,
    1. under the Docket heading: CP07-52-000
    2. under the Description heading: Application For Authorization To Site, Construct and Operate LNG Import Facilities Pursuant to Section 3(a) (Public,CEII,NIP,Privileged Enclosed) sa
  4. Beneath the Select heading, click the bold blue cross.
  5. A new table should appear below the first table, and it should contain the same information as in the first table. The Remove heading contains a red "X" to use if you've made an error and need to re-enter the Docket Number.
  6. You now have two choices:
    1. Display the Service List in the web browser — click the "Display List" button;
    2. Download the Service List to your hard drive:
      1. Type of Address: Select one of the three options in the drop-down menu:
        1. Email
          1. Delimited with semicolon (This is the only option.)
        2. Postal Contacts Without Email
          1. Delimited with comma (the default option)
          2. Delimited with semicolon
          3. Delimited with space
          4. Delimited with tab
          5. Delimited with tilde (~)
          6. Fixed length
          7. Excel (Excel spreadsheet format)
          8. Database File (dbf)
          9. XML File
        3. All Contacts
          1. Delimited with comma (the default option)
          2. Delimited with semicolon
          3. Delimited with space
          4. Delimited with tab
          5. Delimited with tilde (~)
          6. Fixed length
          7. Excel (Excel spreadsheet format)
          8. Database File (dbf)
          9. XML File
    3. After selecting from the above, click the "Download List" button.
  7. Once downloaded, you may or may not be able to import the downloaded file into your email address book, depending on your address book's format requirements. You may need to search and replace some characters in order to use the downloaded file.
  8. GOOD LUCK! That's how FERC deals with the public.


Posted 2012 Feb 20

US LNG Imports from Nigeria
Have Fallen 97.6%

2007 LNG exports to US — 95.0 Trillion cubic feet
2011 LNG exports to US —   2.3 Trillion cubic feet

>>> WARNING <<<
Downeast LNG Financial Collapse Ahead

— SPB webmaster


Posted 2012 Feb 6

As of 2013 February 6
Downeast LNG is
Answering FERC's DEIS Technical Questions

Answers were due on 2009 Jul 6

Downeast LNG Never Clock

Will Downeast LNG ever finally answer?

Answer: No, never.

Downeast LNG's project is mired in overwhelming obstacles that prevent satisfying FERC's Environmental Impact Statement questions.



Posted 2012 Jan 31
Updated 2012 Feb 5

2012 Net LNG Imports
Down 79.8% since 2007

Full-Year Totals
Bcf (billion cubic feet)
Total LNG Imports 770.81 351.70 451.96 431.01 348.67 174.65
  Compared to pvs year 45.6% 128.5% 95.4% 80.9% 50.1%
  Compared to 2007 45.6% 58.6% 55.9% 45.2% 22.7%
Total LNG Re-Exports 2.74 34.48 53.37 18.80
Net Imports 770.81 351.70 449.22 396.53 295.30 155.85
  Compared to pvs year
  Compared to 2007

LNG Re-Exports — LNG that has been imported into US LNG terminals, but has then been exported out of the US to other countries.

LNG imports 2007-2012

Downeast LNG is in an ever-worsening nosedive.

Source: Email from US DOE Energy Information Administration


Posted 2012 Jan 6

As of 2013 January 6
Downeast LNG is
3½ Years Late
Answering FERC's DEIS Technical Questions

Answers were due on 2009 Jul 6

Downeast LNG Never Clock

When will Downeast LNG finally answer?

Answer: NEVER

Downeast LNG's project is mired in overwhelming obstacles that prevent satisfying FERC's Environmental Impact Statement questions.


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