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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21

Perry News Conference

2005 March 23

Crohn Conference Center in Perry

Perry News Conference
© 2005 Guisinger Photography

Several Perry residents spoke about why Perry should vote to reject the $1 million bribe from Quoddy Bay LLC to the Town of Perry for residents' votes in favor of the LNG project. The event was covered by several members of the press — newspaper, television, and radio. (Quoddy Bay LLC had initially offered $340,000 to the town, but apparently decided that citizens would be more influenced to vote in favor of the LNG project if they offered a million dollars.)

Many attendees made it clear that they opposed the bribe and the project.
Attendee with bumper sticker
© 2005 Guisinger Photography

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