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Submitting Comments
in the
FERC "Pre-filing" (Pre-application) Process

Page Contents

Requirements & Suggestions
Filing via the Postal System
eFiling Online
How Can I Submit Comments?

Requirements & Suggestions

Anyone can submit comments to FERC during the prefiling process.

Always include:

  1. Your name & postal address —
    [Your Name]
    [Your Street Address]
    [Your City, State, and Zip]
  2. Who you're sending to —
    Ms. Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
    Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    888 First Street, NE
    Washington, DC 20426
  3. Docket Number —
    1. Docket No. PF14-19 [Pre-Filing docket for proposed Downeast LNG Export Project]
    2. Dockets No. CP07-52, CP07-53, CP07-53-001 [for Downeast LNG]
  4. Date [of Submission; comments may not be posted to the docket until the next working day.]
  5. [Your comments. There is no size limit to your comments. Refer in your comments to any additional files being submitted at the same time. Please submit fact-based comments. Emotional comments may actually be counter-productive, or may simply be ignored.]
  6. Salutation —
    Dear Ms. Bose:
  7. Signature
    Very truly,

    [Your typed name]

    If you're using the Postal Service, actually sign your name.
    If it is a typed document, we suggest that you type your name below the signature.

    If eFiling, an actual signature is not required,
    We suggest that you type your name.

Filenaming & File Location Suggestion for eFiling


Filing via the Postal System

Use the same format as in Requirements and Suggestions, shown above.

Send via the postal system or via overnight service to:

Ms. Kimberly D. Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20426

Note: Your comments will take time to be delivered, will then be scanned by FERC, and then will be posted to the eLibrary.

See FERC's webpage on this topic:


eFiling Online

From the FERC website:

eFiling is a file attachment process. Prepare your submission in the same manner as you would if filing on paper. If you're filing in a docketed proceeding(s), the document you submit must include the docket number(s) applicable to your submission. All documents must include the name and address of the person responsible for the filing.

The Commission does not accept comments or other documents on proceedings via email.

While it is possible to submit proprietary software documents (i.e., created as Microsoft Word documents), submitting documents in Rich Text Format (RTF), or in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) will make the files more universally accessible, speeding up their posting in the eLibrary.

(FERC's eLibrary will attempt to generate — and make available, along with your original submission — a unified PDF file from all the files within your submission. That offers the public with a choice of downloading the original files as individual files in their original format, or as a unified PDF. Note that the FERC eLibrary cannot generate PDF files from some file formats. In such cases, an error page will be generated. If you've downloaded such a file, you may want to download the file separately in its original format. In our experience, some types of files from which FERC has difficulty generating a PDF: Microsoft Works, image-only PDF files, Adobe Acrobat 1.4 PDF files, non-MS Word text documents that are not saved as RTF or PDF files.)


How Can I Submit Comments?

Read the eFiling Online information above.

First, you must register with FERC (see below).

Then, you may submit comments as files by uploading via the FERC eFiling special procedure.

Prepare your comments within files (PDF and RTF are the most universally-readable file formats) to be uploaded prior to using the process described below. Be sure to include the Requirements and Suggestions provided above. You are limited to 10 files per submission, 10 MB per file.

Please submit fact-based comments. Emotional comments may actually be counter-productive, or may simply be ignored.

Note: The Pre-Filing process is a required step that the LNG developer must go through prior to the Application process. Registering as an Intervenor in Pre-Filing — although FERC's eLibrary system will allow it — is not recognized, and Intervenor submissions in Pre-filing dockets will be treated merely as any other comments. Filing as an intervenor is appropriate only during the Formal Filing process, not the Pre-filing process.

You may want to print these instructions, in order to use them as a guide while submitting your comments.

  1. Read the eFiling User Guide.
  2. Register as a New User in the FERC online system.
    1. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission > Documents & Filing > FERC Online > eRegistration > New User? Sign up
      (For subsequent file submissions, on the same page, go to Existing User: Log In)
    2. You'll be required to supply the following information:


      Email Address Example:
      2. Password Example: 1xh2yz3a
      Note: Password should be between 8 and 12 characters and contain at least one numeric, hyphen "-", or underscore "_".
      3. Password Hint (Use a hint that's appropriate for your chosen password.)
      Important: Keep track of your password. You'll need it each time you make a submission.
    3. Once you've registered, then from the FERC Online page, you can...
      1. Log In using your email address and password
        1. eLibrary: Access Docket pages;
        2. eLibrary: Read/Download Docket Documents;
        3. eSubscription: Receive emails notices when Dockets are updated;
        4. eService: View the mailing list for a particular Docket;
        5. eFile: Submit Comments to Pre-application filing and Application Dockets;
          [NOTE: Anyone can submit Comments.]
        6. eFile: Intervene in Application Dockets.
  3. eFile your comments.
    1. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission > Documents & Filing > eFiling
      1. Existing User: Log In
      2. Click on link: Create Filing to Begin
      3. Filing Type Selection page, under the Common heading: Click on: Comment on Filing
      4. Select Docket page: enter the Docket number (see below), and click the Search button.
        1. For Downeast LNG, the LNG Export Project Pre-Filing Docket # is PF14-19
      5. On the resulting page (the same page, but with the Docket Description appearing in the window below the "Enter Docket Number" window, click the Select button for the appropriate Docket appearing in the window.
      6. On the resulting page (the same page, but with the Docket Number appearing in the small window near the bottom of the page, click the Next button.
      7. On the File Upload page, click the Choose File button. You'll be presented with a navigation window on your computer. (Do you remember where you saved your files? Do you remember the order in which you want readers to view them?)
      8. Navigate to the first file you wish to submit, and Select the file. The file icon and name of the file you selected will appear next to the Choose File button.
      9. In the Description box, enter a file Description and click the Attach button. The first file will appear in the list area below on that page.
      10. Repeat the procedure for each file you wish to submit.
        At this point you have the opportunity to rearrange the order of the files being uploaded by using the "Up" and "Down" buttons to the right of the list of files you've attached for uploading. This is the same order that they will be presented to readers who access the eLibrary.)
      11. Then, click the Upload Files button. Your files will be transmitted to FERC's eLibrary for the specified Docket number.
        NOTE: If you click the Cancel button, instead of the Upload button, no files will be transmitted. If you still wish to submit a file, you'll need to start the process over.
      12. You'll receive a confirmation shortly thereafter from the FERC eLibrary that your submission has been received. Although you'll be able to view the file(s) you just submitted (via a link included in the confirmation), they won't be available in the eLibrary to others until they're officially posted, which may be a day or two.

The Save Passamaquoddy Bay webmaster is interested in the accuracy of these instructions. If you experience problems with the described process, please your experience / suggestions.



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