The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2005 August 30

Calais takes aim at St. Andrews


CALAIS – A comment made by a Calais City councillor last week has ruffled quite a few feathers on this side of the border.

The comment was made by Councilor Billy Delmonaco Jr. following the unanimous vote on a resolution supporting any potential LNG development within Washington County and welcoming and supporting the potential future development of an LNG terminal within the city limits of Calais.

After saying he supported the $500 million project proposed for the land near Devil’s Head and St. Croix Island and across the St. Croix River from the port at Bayside by BP Consulting LLC, Councilor Delmonaco said, "and if you can, I’d like to have those boats come in and up through St. Andrews."

The Town of St. Andrews has strongly voiced its disapproval of the two LNG projects already proposed and hosted a public meeting Aug. 22 to which over 1,000 people, from both Charlotte County, NB, and Washington County, Me., attended to voice their opposition to the projects.

Despite repeated phone calls and messages for Councillor Delmonaco, he was unavailable for comment at press time.

A comment made by Fred Moore III, of Pleasant Point, also raised eyebrows. Moore, with Ian Emery, of Cutler, and others not identified, is a partner in BP Consulting LLC. Moore responded to the criticism voiced on both sides of the border of the LNG plants by zeroing in on the Canadians.

"We’re really responding to the energy needs of this country. I have to submit to you, that’s beyond a small town that really wouldn’t want to look at much of anything but themselves to begin with. Thinking that they’re going to dictate the energy interests of the United States of America, that’s really an issue between (Prime Minister) Paul Martin and (U.S. President) George Bush," Moore said.


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