The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2005 August 9

LNG opponents urged to act


ST. ANDREWS - Opponents of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants proposed for Passamaquoddy Bay from this side of the border are being asked to make their views known to members of the Federal Cabinet before they meet in Winnipeg Aug. 22.

An e-mail circulated by Save Passamaquoddy Bay Canada at the weekend notes, ”Various Cabinet Ministers are aware of the LNG issues in Charlotte County and it is the time to make your position known.

We need a groundswell of support from everyone who is concerned about these developments. Don’t wait, it is important that this is done NOW!”

The group is asking people to send letters and/or sign a petition which can be accessed at The petition states that the undersigned “affirm our belief that the Passamaquoddy Region which encompasses all of Charlotte County, New Brunswick; the eastern corner of Washington County, Maine; and all of the associated islands offshore to Grand Manan, is a socio-economic unit that earns over a billion dollars per year from its resource-based industries of fisheries, tourism, aquaculture and associated enterprises.

“Further, we attest that it is the unique natural richness of the Quoddy region that provides the waters, the whales, the fish and the environment that supports these industries.

“The LNG terminals proposed for Passamaquoddy Bay are totally inappropriate to the area and will, in fact, substantially interfere with the business activities that are the foundation of this area’s wealth as well as our right to enjoy a healthy environment and safety for our families.

“We urge the government of Canada to assert its sovereign rights and to declare no rights of passage for LNG tankers through Head Harbour Passage based on Canadian law and the precedent set in 1976 when oil tankers were refused passage.”

Two companies, Quoddy Bay LLC and Downeast LNG, want to build LNG tanks on Passamaquoddy Bay. The town of St. Andrews, as well as other communities in Charlotte County, have voiced opposition to the proposals.

St. Andrews residents could be looking across the bay at LNG storage tanks proposed for Robbinston and the town has taken the lead in this opposition by organizing a public meeting with representatives of Quoddy Bay LLC for Monday, Aug. 22 at the W.C. O’Neill Arena when they are hoping opponents from around the bay and politicians will turn out to voice their concerns.
Letter writers are asked to request an early resolution to this challenge by restatement of the 1976 position of the Canadian government refusing passage of oil tankers and other large vessels through Head Harbour Passage.

Among the Cabinet ministers listed to be targeted are Prime Minister Paul Martin, Minister of Transport Jean Lapierre, Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan, Minister of Environment Stephane Dion, Minister of Foreign Affairs Pierre Pettigrew, Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Andy Scott, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Geoff Regan and Minister of International Trade Jim Peterson.

More information on where to write to these ministers is available at and


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