The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2006 December 8

Town donates to Save Passamaquoddy Bay


ST. ANDREWS — SavePassamaquoddy Bay Canada are continuing their fight against liquified natural gas (LNG) in Passamaquoddy Bay and at Monday night's meeting town council gave their fund-raising a boost.

Councillor Mary Myers said there are still many legal battles to be fought and the information needed will require many hours of research with reports to be produced so their lawyers will have adequate information to defend their position.

She said expert witnesses may need to be hired and committee members may be required to travel to hearings. She noted that they are still a long way from seeing the defeat of the LNG menace.

Council agreed to grant $3,000 to SPB Canada to assist them in their fund-raising and the money will come from the town's LNG funds.

During councillors' comments Councillor Mike Craig said he hoped that the people of Passamaquoddy Bay will be successful in slaying this LNG dragon in 2007.

Councillor David Welch encouraged everyone who loves the bay and wants it to continue on as it is, to contribute to this very important campaign.

"It's coming to crunch time very soon. There are still two active developers that are planning and working actively towards getting their applications into FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission).

"We're going to require money to provide for interveners, provide for lawyers so it's very important that people step up to the plate... [There are] lots of people working on these issues but a lot of these people don't come at a cheap rate so I again encourage people to donate towards this very important cause."


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