The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2006 July 4

NB Southwest NDP passes LNG resolution


ST. ANDREWS - The New Brunswick Southwest NDP federal riding association passed a resolution declaring that the waters and shores of Passamaquoddy Bay and Head Harbour Passage should remain off limits to liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers and terminals as well as heavy development at an open meeting Saturday.

The meeting, which was held at the Grand Bay-Westfield Centrum in preparation for the NDP national convention, which will take place in Quebec City Sept.8 to 10, was attended by provincial NDP leader Allison Brewer and Fundy Royal NDP parliamentary candidate Rob Moir who both addressed the gathering.

The association selected former federal and provincial NDP candidate Andrew Graham of St. Andrews to represent the riding as a delegate at the national convention.

In preparation for the convention the association debated and unanimously passed five policy resolutions for consideration and possible debate at the September event.

The resolutions covered a varietyof topics including the banning of depleted uranium armaments, protecting Passamaquoddy Bay from LNG, exploring an NDP and GreenParty merger, resisting corporate deep integration with the U.S. and protecting and conserving Canada'sfresh water for the public good.

The resolution dealing with LNG was proposed by Graham, and seconded by Lee Ann Ward, also of St. Andrews.

It notes that Passamaquoddy Bay is recognized by the Canadian government and the United Nations as an area high in ecological value with sensitive marine life.

The wording goes on to point out that the existing tourism, aquaculture and fishing industries are struggling to maintain their viability and would be threatened by the existence of an LNG terminal and the tanker traffic this would entail and that the passage through the planned route would pose a risk for LNG tankers — a fact already acknowledged in a ruling by theCanadian government in 1976.

It concludes, "Therefore, be it resolved that the NDP, as part of our policy on Canadian sovereignty and protection of Canada's environment, declare that the waters and shores of Passamaquoddy Bay and Head Harbour Passage, NewBrunswick, remain off limits to LNG tankers and terminals and heavy industrial development."

The first resolution resolved to ban depleted uranium, a carcinogenic nuclear industry by-product used in munitions and to test solders and their children for DU contamination.

The second resolved to open discussion and gather input from riding associations on merging the Green Party and the NDP and, if the majority are in favour, then to begin discussions with the Green Party.

The third resolved to denounce deep integration with the US, protect the public interest against the abuses of unbridled capitalism, to reduce foreign investment in this country and to withdraw from NAFTA in favour of a more equitable trade deal.

The final one resolved to update Canada's water policy to include protection for national waters from privatization, commodification, bulk diversions, and commercial export, and to build a national water conservation and management policy.

The five resolutions will be taken to the NDP convention by Graham.


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