The Saint Croix Courier

St. Stephen, NB

2006 September 1

Premier will act on LNG issue


ST. STEPHEN — Last week, incumbent MLA Tony Huntjens announced on behalf of Premier Bernard Lord that the New Brunswick government would act as the official intervenor should the issue of liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals proposed for the American shores of the Passamaquoddy Bay advance to the courts.

This week, Premier Lord said that he spoke with his officials in the province's department of justice on areas of jurisdiction when Huntjens first informed him of the possibility of the LNG terminals while the two were in St. Andrews about a year and a half ago.

The proposed site for one of the massive LNG terminals is directly across the bay from that resort town. St. Andrews Mayor John Craig has made the statement that if an LNG terminal were allowed to be built in Maine with massive tankers chugging up to dispense their loads there, it would spell an end to the town as it is now known.

Premier Lord said his action to have the province stand up and act as an intervenor was taken so "people can know clearly we don't want it."

He was reminded that the federal government has already said it would not allow the LNG tankers passage through Canadian waters to reach the terminals in Maine.

"We've said it all," he agreed. "We've been saying 'no' quite some time now."

He said his government was looking at the best way to do act as an intervenor and that he had asked justice officials, "how do we prepare ourselves for this and how do we go about it, basically?"

"It's just to be as clear as we can. We think there are places where LNG terminals are acceptable, like Saint John, it's an open port, and other places where we think they are unacceptable.

"And along the Passamaquoddy Bay is unacceptable."


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