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Eastport, Maine

2007 March 23

Perry to go to the polls on March 26

by Eileen Curry

Perry residents can cast their votes on Monday, March 26, at the municipal building, from 1 to 7 p.m., to elect municipal officials and to vote on three referendum questions. Running in a two-way race for a three-year term as selectman are H. Richard Adams and Austin C. Frost. Other candidates and positions listed on the ballot are: two seats on the school board, each for three-year terms -- incumbent Eileen Curry, incumbent Sarah Hood, Ann Skriletz, and Ivy Newcomb Turner. Seven candidates are running for three seats on the planning board, all three-year terms: Howard Calder, Robert Costa, Gerald Morrison, Linda Newcomb, Karen H. Raye, Graydon Ritchie Jr., and Brian Theriault.

Referendum election questions are as follows.

Question 1: "Shall the proposed agreement between the Town of Perry and Quoddy Bay LNG, LLC dated February 5, 2007 titled 'Financial Framework Agreement,' as on file with the town clerk be approved?"

Question 2: "Shall the proposed Pavement Management Plan as on file with the town clerk be approved? This plan would increase the pavement spending from $100,000 per year to a maximum of $160,000 per year."

Question 3: "To see if the town will require the selectmen to conduct all future discussions and correspondence by them regarding issues of the potential citing of any liquefied natural gas facilities in Perry, including discussions and correspondence with the town's attorneys and with representatives from Quoddy Bay LNG, only after notice to and participation with full voting rights by a special negotiating committee to be made up of the following members of the Perry community: the board of selectmen; two members of the planning board (to be selected by the planning board); one member of the school committee (to be selected by the school committee); the Perry fire chief; one fisherman to be selected by the Cobscook Bay Fishermen's Association; and three members of the Perry community at large (one to be picked by each selectman). The purpose of this article is to assure community involvement in determining the town's goals with respect to possible LNG development."

Town meeting

On Tuesday, March 27, at 7 p.m. at the Perry Elementary School, results of the town vote will be announced. Perry registered voters can participate in casting votes for several agenda articles: school budget, ambulance, administration and fire department accounts.


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