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St. Stephen, NB

2007 January 19

Third LNG company applies to FERC [as intervenor]


CALAIS — The third liquefied natural gas (LNG) company hoping to build a terminal facility in Maine has filed for intervener status in Quoddy Bay LLC's application to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for an LNG project in Passamaquoddy Bay.

The North East Energy Development Company LLC has submitted a motion to intervene in the proceedings.

North East is a Maine company whose purpose is to develop an LNG import and regasification terminal at Red Beach in Calais. They say they plan to develop an LNG receiving terminal, storage and vaporization facility on property the company has under option in the city of Calais.

The North East Project will be located on the St.Croix River and they also plan to construct a pipeline approximately 12 miles in length from the terminal to a proposed interconnection with Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline LLC.

The company has not yet formally submitted a proposal for the pre-filing review process at FERC but say they are preparing to do so as well as undertake the preparatory steps contemplated in the commission's regulations.

In December, Quoddy Bay Pipeline LLC filed an application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the construction, installation, ownership and operation of the Quoddy Bay pipeline; a blanket certificate to perform certain routing activities and operations; and a blanket certificate to provide open access firm transportation services.

The proposed pipeline is approximately 36 miles long and 36 inches in diameter which will transport up to two billion cubic feet per day of regasified LNG from the terminal or storage facilities of Quoddy Bay in Robbinston to an interconnect with the interstate pipeline of Maritimes and Northeast LLC in Princeton.

Also in December, Quoddy Bay filed an application with FERC for authorization to site, construct and operate an LNG terminal and associated storage facilities in Robbinston for the purpose of importing LNG into the U.S.

Quoddy Bay has also requested approval of the import terminal as the place of entry for imported LNG supplies.

In the motion, Barr notes that Quoddy Bay LNG and Quoddy Bay Pipeline both propose projects located in the same state and county as that projected by North East and that would be in competition with the LNG and related pipeline project that will be proposed by North East.

"Consequently, as a competitor, North East has an interest that may be directly affected by the outcome of the proceeding which could not be represented by any other party."


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