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Save Passamaquoddy Bay
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Alliance to Protect the Quoddy Region
from LNG Development

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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21

News Release
Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon
(Passamaquoddy People Who Take Care of The Land)

March 28, 2005

In Solidarity with Neighbors Opposed to LNG,
Tribal Group Demands a better government that is more accountable to the Passamaquoddy people.

Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point, Maine. Passamaquoddy people of Pleasant Point have a long tradition of focusing on ecological and human health issues that impact our tribal community. We recognize that the proposed LNG development in Passamaquoddy Bay marked a dramatic shift in our relationship with neighboring communities.

Since "LNG" made news, we have worked to oppose the Quoddy Bay project. We believe that indigenous women and families around the world and in the U.S. pay the heaviest prices for industrialization. Specifically, LNG in Passamaquoddy territory will increase the threats of terrorism, intensify negative economic (loss of traditional fisheries) and fiscal impacts, shoulder social and emotional burdens on women and children, and diminish human and ecological health. LNG has already fractured families in the area.

More tribal people are questioning the integrity of the developers of Quoddy Bay; we urge you to do the same. Examine who is pushing this project, see exactly who stands to gain; it's the investors and the developers who will reap the profits, and retain ultimate control over tribal land. The intent of Article 40 should not be abandoned in order that a few can falsely enrich themselves. Because it's our land and community's life that is at stake, it is our position that the recent filing by Concerned Perry Citizens requesting a Grand Jury investigation for statutory bribery by offering Perry voters a million dollars just prior to their vote is well founded. It is our aim to thoroughly scrutinize and support this claim.

Quoddy Bay's LNG project is not an internal tribal matter because of Article 40. It has local, regional, and global ramifications. LNG is an ethical and moral dilemma that requires courage and integrity to defeat. Call your leaders today, urge them to call Governor Melvin Francis (207-853-2600), ask him to nullify the exclusivity agreement with Quoddy Bay, and call for a more sustainable and culturally appropriate development that is guided by the values and teachings of our ancestors.


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