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News Release

2005 July 15


Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy elder and Tribal Councilor Hilda Lewis refutes Dennis Bailey's statements that the Tribal Council had reviewed their land lease agreement with Quoddy Bay LLC in November, as reported in the 2005 July 15 Bangor Daily News. Councilor Lewis says that the entire Council did not go through it line by line, and that if anyone did do so, they did it while keeping it a secret from her.

"The lease agreement wasn’t drawn up until May, but Bailey says they went through it in November" Lewis said. "It’s a bald face lie," she said, "and I'm appalled that Savvy Inc.'s Dennis Baily had the audacity to make such a statement. In the past, whenever Dennis Bailey sensed that his efforts were failing, he has resorted to desperate lies. It's evident that they think they're in trouble," Lewis said.

Lewis has been attempting unsuccessfully since July 7th to obtain a copy of the signed lease agreement from tribal attorney Craig Francis, consulting attorney Bob Williams, the Tribal Clerk's office, and Tribal Governor Melvin Francis. She will be filing a request with Tribal Court to issue an order requiring Tribal Governor Francis to provide her with a BIA-signed copy of the land lease.

"There have been numerous improprieties related to procedure at the Tribal level and at the BIA," stated Lewis. "We're going to get to the bottom of it, and see to it that those responsible face the full force of the law," she said.


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