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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21

Save Passamaquoddy Bay
News Release

2006 March 27

NOTE: Photographs and their captions were not included in the original news release.

Canadian political leaders say: “LNG tankers will not enter Canadian waters at Head Harbour Passage”

St. Andrews, New Brunswick Mayor John Craig   The Honorable John Craig, Mayor of St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada received a standing ovation when he announced that mayors of all Canadian communities surrounding Passamaquoddy Bay have joined their voices with New Brunswick Premier Bernard Lord, national Cabinet Minister Greg Thompson, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper to emphatically confirm that “No LNG tankers will move through Head Harbour Passage, and internal Canadian waters in Passamaquoddy Bay are closed to LNG tankers — period.”

St. Andrews Mayor John Craig stands
his ground to prevent LNG tankers in
Passamaquoddy Bay.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing

This confirmation was one of several definitive announcements that received spirited responses from the two hundred residents from around the bay who attended the Spring Rally for Passamaquoddy Bay held Saturday in Eastport, Maine.

Prior to his announcement, Mayor Craig presented Save Passamaquoddy Bay with the “Volunteer Group of the Year Award” that is a tradition for the St. Andrews leader to present on January 1st. Craig said, “I wanted to present this on the U.S. side, directly to the people who are working here for all of us who live and work around this great bay.” Accepting for the 3-National Alliance, coordinator Linda Godfrey said, “People sometimes ask ‘Who are the members of Save Passamaquoddy Bay?’ Anyone who cares about protecting the bay from out-of-scale and dangerous industrial development is a member, in our book.” Godfrey asked all present to stand with her to accept the award.  
Mayor Craig presents the St. Andrews Group of the Year Award to coordinating committee members of Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing
The Rally was designed to update the public on recent developments to protect the bay from proposed LNG terminal operations, raise funds for an independent study of the socio-economic impacts of the proposed terminals on local communities, and to provide information about the FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) process in which the international alliance has filed for intervenor status.


Passamaquoddy singers and drummers
gets help from an enthusiastic toddler.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing


Vera Francis, Coordinator of Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon (We Protect Our Land) announced that their group had recently incorporated as a Maine non-profit organization and had also filed for Intervenor status to oppose proposed terminals in Passamaquoddy Bay.

The Native American group, represented by the Vermont Law School’s Environmental and Natural Resource Clinic; Shems, Dunkiel, Kassel and Saunders of Vermont; and Lynne Williams Law of Maine, is presently involved in a federal law suit against the Bureau of Indian Affairs and U.S. Department of the Interior for the Bureau’s failure to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act, lack of public information, and non-compliance with the Endangered Species Act when it authorized a ground lease agreement between Quoddy Bay, LLC and the Passamaquoddy Tribe. The aim of the suit is to negate any and all agreements and/or actions based on this contested authorization.

Nulankeyutomonen Nkihtahkomikumon
Coordinator Vera Francis.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing

  Dr. Lesley Pinder, Coordinator of Save Passamaquoddy Bay — Canada, announced that the group has hired an educator/lobbyist in Ottawa, and will register as intervenors in the FERC process. Reading from a statement by 40-year Passamaquoddy Bay marine biologist, Art MacKay, Pinder quoted, “It is difficult for me to express the sadness that I feel as I have watched our communities, friends, and families become more and more divided by the proposed LNG developments in Passamaquoddy Bay. It is particularly disheartening to have our neighbours demonize and threaten those who wish to protect their interests by opposing LNG in the Quoddy area — people who have worked their lifetime to contribute to our economy and have helped it grow.” MacKay was referring to recent acts of vandalism in Perry, verbal insults related to the fishermen of Campobello Island, and punctured tires and a threatening note against the Save Passamaquoddy Bay coordinator in Eastport.


Dr. Lesley Pinder provides the
Canadian update.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing

Linda Godfrey, the organization’ Coordinator, summarized the process the group will follow in the “open-house, scoping meetings, and intervenor process created by FERC officials. Noting that FERC regulations fail to assess LNG developers’ backgrounds, nationalities, legal statuses, or financial capacities, that FERC does not require developers to announce the FERC-required “public” meetings, and that FERC has no requirement for developers to be truthful in what they tell the public at those meetings, Godfrey suggested that only a few residents attend developer’s events to record and witness their presentations, and urges attendees to remain silent so that developer’s are thwarted in their efforts to gain details of opposing concerns and issues. “The developers and FERC are working together to make things easy for the developer, “ Godfrey stated. “We’ll do our legal and regulatory work to protect the bay. Let’s not do their work for them.”

Godfrey called attention to a recent article in the LNG industry’s official newsletter, Natural Gas Intelligence titled, “Consultant Predicts ‘Great Shakeout’ in LNG Projects This Year or Early 2007.” Quoting from the article, Godfrey read that there are presently 98 potential projects in North America and 10 of those are expansions of existing terminals. Consulting author, Stephen Thumb of Energy Ventures of Virginia, predicts “many of the proposed LNG import terminals being delayed, put indefinitely on hold or simply trashed altogether.” Reading from the list of the 20 most likely terminals to be approved, Godfrey listed Maryland, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and California — some states with multiple projects — before asking “Is there a state that you did not hear on this list?” “Maine!” shouted those in attendance as they broke into loud applause. “Developers, save your investor’s money, stop this divisive behavior, end your efforts now,“ Godfrey recommended to continued applause.  

Linda Godfrey and friend

Linda Godfrey, with assistance from a young friend, provides an update on Save Passamaquoddy Bay's efforts.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing

  Godfrey also summarized the table of contents in the Report on Potential Economic and Fiscal Impacts of LNG Terminals on the Whole Passamaquoddy Bay being prepared by Yellow Wood Associates of St. Albans, Vermont. Godfrey announced that to-date, local contributions had provided $35,000 of the contracted $50,000 to be paid toward the study. A traditional blanket dance, with singing and drumming provided by Passamaquoddy tribal members Maggie Paul and Gracie Davis of Pleasant Point, yielded another $1,500 toward the study. Additional funds were raised by the food concession, sale of Sailabration calendars, and a raffle on a painting of the bay by Campobello Island artist Joyce Morrell. “This is ‘heart money’ we are raising,” Godfrey said. “Every dollar, $100 dollars, and a few $1000 donations have all been given to the cause by people whose hearts are with us in this effort to Save the Bay.”


Eastport poet Jonathan Sisson
read Edna St. Vincent Mallay's poem, "Exile."
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing

Campobello Fisherman Gary Cook sang his original song, "Head Harbour Lighthouse." © 2006 Old Sow Publishing  
Sisters Maggie Paul and Gracie Davis sang and drummed. © 2006 Old Sow Publishing

Original songs — “Dollars” by Doug Beaver, “Passamaquoddy Bay” by Ruth Dunfield, “Head Harbour Lighthouse” by Gary Cook, and rewritten lyrics by Linda Sisson and Keltic Schmeltic were sprinkled throughout the event. A touching poem, “Exile,” by Edna St. Vincent Millay, about her love of Maine waters, was read by Eastport poet, Jonathan Sisson. The sacred “Whale Song” was presented by Maggie Paul of Pleasant Point and Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Keltic Schmeltic entertained the crowd.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing
  Ruth Dunfield sang her musical creation, "Passamaquoddy Bay."
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing
The Blanket Dance resulted in numerous contributions.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing
  Persons wishing to participate to the continuing efforts may send a donation to:

Save Passamaquoddy Bay
PO Box 222
Eastport, Maine 04631

Information on the 3-Nation Alliance’s work and contact information for contacting FERC, the Coast Guard, Maine’s LNG Technical Working Group, and federal legislators can be found on the group’s extensive website,

Attendees were generous
with their donations.
© 2006 Old Sow Publishing




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