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Save Passamaquoddy Bay
News Release

2006 March 20

Downeast LNG Indicates Safety Ignorance

A representative of an international group opposed to locating LNG industry in Passamaquoddy Bay has stated that Downeast LNG President Dean Girdis has essentially admitted that his project is “fatally flawed.”

Save Passamaquoddy Bay webmaster Robert Godfrey submitted comments on Sunday night to the FERC Downeast LNG docket regarding statements made by Downeast LNG President Dean Girdis. In a news story that appeared in the March 9 Bangor Daily News, Girdis made statements indicating his ignorance of the LNG industry’s world-recognized safety standards.

With respect to that docket filing, Godfrey said, “It is now unquestionable that when determining their choice for siting their LNG facility, Downeast LNG ignored their industry’s own world standards for safe terminal siting. Had Girdis familiarized himself with and followed those standards, he never would have selected Passamaquoddy Bay. In fact, industry standards preclude the safe siting of any LNG terminal project in Passamaquoddy Bay.”

Godfrey went on to say, “The 2006 March 14 El Paso Corporation LNG terminal incident at Elba Island [Georgia], where a passing ship’s wake broke an offloading LNG carrier from its berth, mirrors conditions here in Passamaquoddy Bay. “That’s why,” Godfrey stated, “world-recognized LNG industry standards indicate that shipping channels are inappropriate locations for LNG terminals. It’s time for Downeast LNG to admit their errors and leave.”

The FERC Docket PF06-13 filing, Accession Number 20060319-5007, can be accessed at <>



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