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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21

Save Passamaquoddy Bay
News Release

2006 March 23

We will keep to the high ground, and stand even taller: Hate crime against Save Passamaquoddy Bay coordinator

We were saddened this morning to come out of our home and see that someone had entered our yard in the night, placed a threatening note under our car's windshield wiper, and punctured two tires. The perpetrator created their warning note to look like the Sipayik newsletter that is distributed each week at Pleasant Point. They had cut the masthead off the tribal newsletter, taped it onto another sheet of paper, and wrote their hateful threat.

Sipayik's Tribal television station has been broadcasting messages this past week intended to inflame this type of hateful response. While there are differing points of view on the LNG issue, no one has the right to harm, threaten, or cause personal danger to other people.

This is an illegal act of a desperate few. We in no way blame the Passamaquoddy people for this act. Those who did this harm their own cause when this type of rage occurs.

Save Passamaquoddy Bay, our 3-Nation Alliance, is committed to continue to use all educational, regulatory, legal, political, and diplomatic means to defend Passamaquoddy Bay. We advocate that no one raise voices in hate, or take actions which endanger other people. It would be good for tribal leaders, their LNG partners, public relations firm, and legal advisors to inform anyone associated with their cause that this type of act will not be condoned.

We have informed the Eastport and Pleasant Point police departments, as well as the Maine State and U.S. Attorney’s offices. We will count on legal channels to deal with this criminal act. It has been reported as both a hate crime, and since I am the one who was threatened, a threat against a female, in addition to trespassing and personal property damage.

Linda Cross Godfrey, Coordinator



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