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Save Passamaquoddy Bay
News Release

2006 March 11

NOTE (March 15): Quoddy Bay LLC made a subsequent corrected filing with their FERC docket after the March 14 Note (immediately below) appeared on this page. See our subsequent news release, "Quoddy Bay LLC's Time Machine Becomes Comedy of Errors!" on Quoddy Bay LLC's unsettling continuing errors regarding their monthly status report to FERC.

NOTE (March 14): After our news release on this page had time to get back to Quoddy Bay LLC, Quoddy Bay submitted a revised monthly status report to FERC to indicate that they actually meant "February 15," where they had indicated "March 15" regarding FERC's site visit to Split Rock as mentioned in their report; however, Quoddy Bay LLC didn't make a correction to the report's list of events, they merely mentioned the error in their cover letter to FERC — the error remains in the report itself. [March 15 addendum to this Note: The error was finally corrected by Quoddy Bay LLC in their March 15 FERC filing.]

Quoddy Bay LLC must have time machine!

The international organization Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance has pointed out that Quoddy Bay LLC's March 10 monthly status report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) reports on a March 15 site visit -- five days before it actually happened!

FERC has told Save Passamaquoddy Bay that LNG developer "veracity" is not required at the developers' public meetings. FERC also doesn't require developers to provide advance notice to the public regarding these FERC-required meetings; FERC has no requirements regarding the agenda at those public meetings; and, LNG developers aren't required by FERC to report on what transpired at those public meetings.

Apparently truth isn't required for developers' monthly reports to FERC, either!

FERC should require a high standard regarding developers' communications with the public, but developers are held to no standard whatsoever.

LNG is dangerous stuff. The public has a right to expect that no mistakes be made in LNG developers' reports to FERC. LNG developers like Quoddy Bay LLC should be required to be truthful to the public, should be required to give adequate advance notice, and should also be required to provide FERC with an honest and complete summary of what actually went on at their public meetings.

Following was copied from Quoddy Bay LLC's report as filed on the FERC LNG Docket No. PF06-11:




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