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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


Downeast LNG said it, we didn't!

Outlandish, Dumb, Contradictory, & Absurd Statements
Made by Downeast LNG

2016 Aug 17 — FERC dismissed Downeast LNG from the federal permitting process.

This project is dead.


Downeast LNG

"Downeast LNG Export Project would convert the Downeast LNG Import Project into a bidirectional import-export LNG terminal and pipeline (“Downeast LNG Import-Export Project”), capable of producing 3 million metric tonnes per annum (“mtpa”) of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) and 100 standard cubic feet per day (“mmscfd”) of regasified LNG." [Bold emphasis added.]

PDF fileResource Report 1 filing to FERC Downeast LNG Docket PF14-19, Accession No. 20140911-5034, 2014 September 11 (PDF; 430 KB)

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Downeast LNG flubs in Resource Report 1, claiming that it would produce a ludicrously-miniscule volume of regasified LNG — 100 cubic feet per day is equivalent to methane production of 6–12 cows.

Demonstrating how incompetent both Downeast LNG and FERC actually are, FERC repeated Downeast LNG's stated insignificant volume in the printed literature provided to the public at the September Open House in Robbinston.


Downeast LNG's revised website, The Project > Downeast LNG Project Overview (PDF; 34KB), 2014 June —

"Visual Issues

"The site is uniquely suited to accommodate the necessary structures with minimal visual impact from either Route 1 in Maine or from St. Andrews.…

"…The most visible aspect of the project will be the ship itself, which will be present only when it is in port and at a distance of more than 2 miles from St. Andrews…." [Bold, underlined emphasis added.]

Webmaster's comment: The 30-ft-tall sheet metal barrier that DeLNG proposes to erect along more than ½ mile of highway US-1, abutting a state-designated scenic area (Mill Cove), and the 4,000-foot-long trestle and pier that would cut across the mouth of scenic Mill Cove must not "count" in Dean Girdis's mind as visual impact.

And, Girdis says that the ship wouldn't be visible when it isn't in port! Brilliant!

Don't be surprised if Girdis's embarrassment results in his changing the text. But, never fear! SPB has preserved it for posterity! [See archived DeLNG's 2014 June edition of "Downeast LNG Project Overview" (PDF; 34KB), with SPB highlighting & comments.]


Downeast LNG's revised website, The Project > Downeast LNG Project Overview (PDF; 34KB), 2014 June —

"A Safe, State-of-the-art Facility

"Downeast LNG is committed to working with the people of Robbinston and the region, including Canada…." [Bold, underlined emphasis added.]

Webmaster's comment: This is reminiscent of Calais LNG's own one-sided pseudo love fest with Canada. How did that work out? [See archived DeLNG's 2014 June edition of "Downeast LNG Project Overview" (PDF; 34KB), with SPB highlighting & comments.]


Downeast LNG

"Vapor fences will be installed at the Terminal to comply with the requirements of Federal Code 49 CFR 193 regarding Exclusion Zones, which in accordance with Section § 193.2059 (b)(1) are required to ensure an average natural gas concentration in air of 2.5 percent methane or higher remains within areas that EcoEléctrica legally controls all activities for as long as the facility is in operation." [Bold emphasis added.]

PDF fileFiling to FERC Downeast LNG Docket CP07-52, Accession No. 20121012-5103(27695846), 2012 October 12 (PDF; 92,586 KB)

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Downeast LNG is apparently unaware that EcoEléctrica LNG is at Peñuelas, Puerto Rico, has been in operation since 2000, and has nothing to do with the Downeast LNG proposal.


Downeast LNG, via Exponent, Inc. (consultant to Downeast LNG) —

“A set of vapor fences are to be built at the site. The vapor fences ... are 20-ft (6-m) tall, and are ... 0% porosity fences.” [Bold emphasis added.]

Vapor Dispersion Exclusion Zone Analysis, Figure 2, page 12, 2012 May 22.

Webmaster's comment: Downeast LNG is now proposing 20-ft tall impervious fences along the entire property line, including along Mill Cove's cliffy south shoreline and along US Route-1, as well as additional, concentric vapor fences inside the perimeter vapor fence. Why? — because the proposed Downeast LNG terminal site is too small to prevent terminal hazards from harming the public.

Remember now-defunct Quoddy Bay LNG's proposed an...

  • Eastport emergency portable floating evacuation bridge?
  • Emergency plan to evacuate all of Eastport by helicopter?

Downeast LNG is becoming more and more like cockamamie, kaput Quoddy Bay LNG.


Dean Girdis, president of Downeast LNG —

“...the Department of Environmental Protection’s hearing [sic; it was the Board of Environmental Protection (BEP) hearing — SPB webmaster] concerned not the ‘final step’ in obtaining state permits, as stated by SPB, but instead represented the very first step in obtaining state permits coincident with the Maine permitting process." [Bold emphasis added.]

"Downeast LNG Responses to Public Comments Filed by Save Passamaquoddy Bay," FERC Docket CP07-52, 2012 Apr 24.

Webmaster's comment: Downeast LNG's claim is contradicted by Maine Assistant Attorney General Peggy Bensinger, who participated in her official capacity as legal advisor to the BEP during the 2007 July BEP hearing. Ms. Bensinger has confirmed with Save Passamaquoddy Bay that the hearing process was essentially the last step in the state permitting process, other than a Submerged Lands Lease permit for the proposed pier. See Assistant Attorney General Bensinger's 2012 May 14 quote.


Robert Wyatt, Downeast LNG vice president —

"Downeast LNG believes in a cautious approach to what it is doing."


"I want the final EIS in hand before we approach the State with our applications. That is because if we learn there are things to change, we will have that in progress before we submit the applications."

"Downeast LNG anticipating FERC approval," The Calais Advertiser, 2010 September 2.

Webmaster’s Comments: Wyatt's remarks regarding a 'cautious approach' are after Downeast LNG went completely through Maine Board of Environmental Protection permit application hearings in 2007 — and then withdrew the applications because they were so defective!

Wyatt's remarks also came after Downeast LNG announced — even to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection — that they would be resubmitting their permit applications last July, then last August, and now, not at all prior to the release of the FEIS.

And, Downeast LNG's project site selection violates world LNG industry terminal siting best safe practices — the complete opposite of a "cautious approach."


Dean Girdis, President of Downeast LNG —

"There is a degree of openness that is not being acknowledged by the opponents."

— "Fishermen split over LNG," Bangor Daily News, 2006 November 7

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: On 2006 September 26, Girdis lobbied the Canadian Federal Government in Ottowa, Ontario, and was soundly rebuffed. In Downeast LNG's monthly Status Report to FERC for that period — while mentioning hosting a picnic during the report period — Girdis withheld mentioning his failure with Canada. Girdis's "degree of openness" lacks sincerety.


Downeast LNG's "Shill" Address

"Shill" Discovery
"Shill" Definition

"Shill" Discovery

The actual screenshot below, near the bottom of many of Downeast LNG's website pages, was brought to our attention by an astute observer.

Direct your attention to the email address, "", which the company provides for use in contacting them.

While we're sure that the address refers in some way to a staff person's name, it is, nonetheless, ironically prophetic.

Since Downeast LNG will probably revise their contact email address when they learn about our discovery, we've preserved it here.

(2006 Feb 16) defines "shill":

noun : One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in a swindle.

  1. To act as a shill for (a deceitful enterprise).
  2. To lure (a person) into a swindle.

noun : a decoy who acts as an enthusiastic customer in order to stimulate the participation of others

verb : act as a shill; "The shill bid for the expensive carpet during the auction in order to drive the price up"

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: No further comment is needed.


Downeast LNG project flyer, "Downeast LNG Project Overview," 2006 January

"The most visible aspect of the project will be the ship itself, which will be present only when it is in port...."

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Brilliant! Why didn't Downeast LNG also inform the public that, "The ship won't be in port when it isn't in port"?

Or, "When we're gone, we'll be gone." Frankly, we can't wait.


Dean Girdis, of Downeast LNG, at the 2005 Dec 28 Town of Robbinston presentation on his proposed project —

"The terminal won't make a lot of money relative to the value of the gas."

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Does anyone actually believe Girdis is spending $500,000 on studies, and would build a $400 million terminal — because he wouldn't be making a lot of money?


Dean Girdis, of Downeast LNG, at the 2005 Dec 28 Town of Robbinston presentation on his proposed project —

"I don't see a market for more that 400-500 [million cubic feet] per day."

"With the supply from Canada ... our permit may go nowhere."

Note: Quoddy Bay LLC's pre-application filing with the FERC indicates that its facilities will at times send out 2 billion cubic feet per day — four times the amount of Girdis' project.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: According to Girdis, there may not be enough market for any LNG project in Downeast Maine.


Dean Girdis, Downeast LNG, regarding LNG tankers that would be passing through internal Canadian waters and to his proposed LNG terminal at Robbinston, Maine —

"Once the application process is initiated with FERC, the Canadian government can then decide (what it wants to do). "

— "LNG meetings planned," Saint Croix Courier, 2005 November 2

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Girdis apparently isn't aware that Canada is a sovereign nation, and doesn't need his or FERC's permission — or even their request — to make a decision on this issue. Once again, Downeast LNG and Quoddy Bay LLC are behaving like the same people.


Dean Girdis

"... It's unfortunate that groups ... are drawing conclusions when the project hasn't been fully defined and not all of the information is available to make an objective decision."

— "Canadian premier pans plan for LNG," Bangor Daily News, 2005 August 24

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Girdis wasn't so concerned about "drawing conclusions" when he lobbied individual members of the Sunrise County Economic Council to get that organization's letter of support, even though "not all of the information is available to make an objective decision." Downeast LNG is looking more and more like Quoddy Bay LLC.

Sunrise County Economic Council should heed Girdis' advice and withdraw its decision to support Girdis' project until complete information is available.


Downeast LNG project publication, tab 1 ("Question & Answer Briefing"), page 15, 2005 July 8

"... the visual impact of the Downeast LNG facility structures would naturally be obscured or visually unremarkable on days in which fog, rain, or haze exist."

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: We're surprised that Downeast LNG didn't mention that if everyone in St. Andrews were to face only to the east, or were to all wear bags over their heads, they wouldn't see the LNG facility at all!


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