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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


Quoddy Bay LNG said it, we didn't!

Outlandish, Dumb, Contradictory, & Absurd Statements
Made by the Quoddy Bay LNG

2008 Oct 17 — FERC dismissed Quoddy Bay LNG from the federal permitting process.

This project is dead.

President Donald Smith of Quoddy Bay LNG , after Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribal Government ended the business relationship after the Ground Lease expired, eight months after FERC dismissed the project on 2008 October 17

“[T]he outlook for the project “is still very positive.”

"Sipayik council votes to end project with Quoddy Bay LNG" — The Quoddy Tides, 2009 Jun 12.

Webmaster’s Comments: First, kicked out by FERC. Now this. “Failed” is a more apt description for this project.


Quoddy Bay LNG President Donald Smith, in response to FERC's dismissal of Quoddy Bay LNG's project applications —

“It’s a little embarrassing.”

"FERC dismisses LNG application but Quoddy Bay plans to refile" — The Quoddy Tides, 2008 Oct 24.


Paul Martin of TRC, the environmental consulting company working for Quoddy Bay LNG —

"When you're up close to the facilities they seem relatively big. When you are further away from the facility, they diminish in the viewshed, so that they aren't so apparent."

WQDY-FM, "Quoddy Bay info meeting draws international crowd," 2007 May 23


Quoddy Bay LLC

"Common Transit Questions
"Canadian waters?

"To date, (08/22/06) the Canadian Prime Minister, Steven (sic) Harper, has had no public comment with regard to this subject."

PDF file "Quoddy Bay LNG Report to the Community #2, 2006 August (late August)

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: (Note: Prime Minister Harper's first name is spelled, "Stephen.") Apparently, Quoddy Bay LLC hasn't been following the news. Even prior to PM Harper's election, he publicly stated his opposion to the LNG projects in Passamaquoddy Bay.


Quoddy Bay LLC

"Common Transit Questions
"What is the impact on local fishermen?

"Quoddy Bay will advise the USCG [United States Coast Guard] and Transport Canada to use safety and security zones that will ensure the safety of all vessels, but that will minimize impacts on other vessels."

PDF file "Quoddy Bay LNG Report to the

Community #2, 2006 August (late August)

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Quoddy Bay LLC has no authority regarding safety and security zones around LNG vessels, and their statement that they will "advise" is presumptuous. Safety and security zones in U.S. waters are an LNG requirement determined by and dictated by the U.S. Coast Guard.


Brian Smith (Quoddy Bay LLC), in a letter to the editor —

"Yellow Wood Associates specializes in working against economic development and have no background in LNG or energy facilities."

— "Quoddy Bay LNG helps," [letter to the editor], Bangor Daily News, 2006 August 10.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Brian Smith apparently hadn't researched Yellow Wood Associates before writing his letter, or he'd have known that Yellow Wood Associates is in the economic development business — oops!

Smith's criticism of Yellow Wood for having no LNG background exposes Smith's and Quoddy Bay LLC's hypocrisy, since Brian Smith and Donald Mitchell Smith have no LNG background, themselves — oops, again!


Brian Smith (Quoddy Bay LLC), at the 2006 July 13 FERC Site Visit —

"Pure methane burns too hot," therefore, we'll add nitrogen to the gas.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Smith also stated that Quoddy Bay LLC would be importing "hot" LNG. "Hotness" refers to the calorific content of natural gas, when compared to pure methane — pure methane can't be "hot"; therefore, pure methane doesn't require the addition of an inert, non-burning gas, like nitrogen. It's only when other hotter-burning fuel gasses, such as butane, propane, or ethane are present in large quantities in the LNG or natural gas that it's classified as "hot" and nitrogen is required to "cool it down."

In the 1980s, the U.S. Coast Guard sponsored LNG research at China Lake, concluding that unconfined "hot" LNG vapors can explode. [See the U.S. Coast Guard 2005 Fall edition of Proceedings, "LNG and Public Safety Issues: Summarizing current knowledge about potential worst-case consequences of LNG spills onto water" (PDF).] Brian Smith demonstrates that Quoddy Bay LLC is dangerously ignorant about its own business.


Brian Smith (Quoddy Bay LLC), to the Sunrise County Economic Council board of directors —

"It looks like we will be stuck being a major source of noxious emissions."

— "Possible $700M LNG plan includes jobs, tourism, noxious emissions," Bangor Daily News, 2006 April 19.

In the 2006 April 22-23 Bangor Daily News, they published a correction, indicating that Smith actually said "NOx" (referring to Nitrogen Oxides; NOx) instead of "noxious." See the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's inclusion of NOx as an unreduced and problematic air pollutant. (We thank the Bangor Daily News' correction for specifying which noxious pollutant Quoddy Bay LLC proposes to belch into Passamaquoddy Bay communities' air — and our lungs!)


Brian Smith (Quoddy Bay LLC), to the Sunrise County Economic Council board of directors —

"I'm not an expert on anything."

— "Possible $700M LNG plan includes jobs, tourism, noxious emissions," Bangor Daily News, 2006 April 19.


According to the LNGLawBlog of Washington, DC, lawfirm Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan, Brian Smith lied to the Eastport City Council when he stated —

"[Quoddy Bay LLC's project is under] strict guidelines that require FERC to deal with it within one year."

— "Quoddy Bay suggests “floating bridge” idea,"; Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan; Washington, DC, 2006 March 29.

COMMENTS QUOTED FROM LNG Law Blog: "LNG Law Blog notes that, unlike the Deepwater Port Act that governs offshore terminal proposals, the Natural Gas Act and FERC’s regulations do not limit the time period in which FERC must make a determination on an LNG terminal application."

Brian Smith (Quoddy Bay LLC), in response to an Eastport citizen's concern for an emergency route off of Moose Island (Eastport) —

"We have long considered the possibility or trying to help out with capital or matching funds or something like that for a permanent bridge [between Eastport and the mainland], and the [railroad] tracks." ..."The only problem we see with that is that we don't want our facility to be contingent on building that bridge."

— "Quoddy Bay LNG makes pitch to Eastport City Council," WQDY-FM, 2006 March 28.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Smith wants Eastport to approve his project, but doesn't want to commit to an emergency method of egress off the island. Smith's Harvard education apparently didn't include logic.


Cary Weston, President of Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications, the PR firm now representing Quoddy Bay LLC —

"Webster's dictionary defines the word propaganda as '... ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to damage an opposing cause.'"

— "Propaganda told as fact" [Letter to the editor] — Bangor Daily News, Bangor, ME, 2006 January 16.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Webster's online dictionary also defines "propaganda" as...

"Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause."

It's a humorous irony — in his condemnation of propaganda — that Cary Weston makes his living by creating and disseminating propaganda. It seems that Cary Weston has a strong disdain for his own industry, making it all the better that he represents Quoddy Bay LLC.


Brian Smith

"We are standing by our verbal agreement with the tribe. It is a spiritual agreement that we don't want to break." (bold emphasis added.)

— "Quoddy Bay promises jobs," The Quoddy Tides, 2005 August 12.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: Brian Smith evidently hasn't even seen the nearly 100-page lease agreement between the company he represents and Pleasant Point Reservation. There's definitely nothing verbal or spiritual about it.


Peter Nelson

"Peter Nelson, of William Alexander and Associates Ltd., of Saint John [NB], spokesman for Quoddy Bay, said Thursday the company would not be attending the meeting because of security concerns.

"We had security concerns regarding this particular meeting. Certainly the scope and size of the meeting was not what we expected. We expected to make a presentation in chambers to council. We had no control and input into the format of the meeting." (bold emphasis added)

— "LNG companies shun St. Andrews," Saint Croix Courier, 2005 August 12.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: First it was Jim Mitchell, then Dennis Bailey, then Emily Francis, then Dennis Bailey again, and now it's Peter Nelson. Just who really is the spokesperson for Quoddy Bay LLC, anyway?

So, Quoddy Bay LLC doesn't want a large crowd to hear what they have to say; they don't really want to "educate" the public about their project, as they have insisted in the past. They simply want secret meetings and control.


Brian Smith

"We have land in Robbinston that is adequate for an LNG import facility, it's actually perfect ... except for the fact that it's right across from St. Andrews, a big resort community, and kind of on their face."

— "U.S. LNG proponent explores Maine options," New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal, 2005 July 27.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: We're predicting that Brian Smith is about to discover an enormous glob of Canadian "egg" on his face.


Brian Smith, when asked why Quoddy Bay LLC wasn't proposing an LNG terminal near Mill Cove in Robbinston, directly across the St. Croix River from St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada —

"...The resort community of St. Andrews was opposed moderately to the Gleason Cove facility, and we know that the community of St. Andrews is extremely important to the Canadian communities."

— "Quoddy Bay Meets Robbinston Planning Board Informal Discussion" WQDY radio, 2005 July 22.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENTS: St. Andrews' so-called "moderate" opposition was expressed in a formal proclamation opposing the Quoddy Bay LLC project *, urging Provincial and Federal officials to take action to stop it.

For Quoddy Bay LLC to then propose placing LNG facilities at their doorstep, endangering their people and economy, makes a mockery of St. Andrews' concern for its citizens and their safety, let alone Robbinston residents' concerns for their own safety and economy.

*Other similar official statements opposing Quoddy Bay LLC's LNG project were created by Deer Island, Campobello Island, Roosevelt-Campobello International Park, Grand Manan, Quoddy Regional Land Trust, Indigenous Environmental Network, Cobscook Bay Fishermen's Association, as well as anti-Quoddy Bay LLC LNG statements to Canada's Parliament by New Brunswick's Member of Parliament Greg Thompson.


In a 2005 July 18 Maine Public Radio interview, "Two LNG Developers Flesh Out Plans That Involve the Same Town," Quoddy Bay LLC's Brian Smith stated that they would be building an 8-mile underwater pipeline between their Split Rock LNG import terminal and their tank farm in Robbinston.

The next day, 2005 July 19, when Quoddy Bay's spokesman from Savvy Inc., Dennis Bailey, was asked to comment on the proposed underwater pipeline...

Dennis Bailey responded —


Donald Smith, as quoted in "Rebound," by editor Michaela Cavallaro, Mainebiz biweekly, 2005 June 13 issue —

"After the second or third bottle of wine, the lightbulb went off in my head.”

— referring to the idea of using a no-storage-tank method of importing LNG at Split Rock, a ceremonial site at the Sipayik Reservation.

WEBMASTER'S COMMENT: We imagine that Smith's bragging about his alcohol-inspired idea won't make the positive impression on residents of Sipayik and readers that he seems to think it will have.


Emily Francis, of Savvy Inc., Quoddy Bay LLC's retained public relations firm —

“Donald always does this to us.”

— referring to Donald Smith's release of information regarding using Split Rock for an LNG import terminal, as reported in the Bangor Daily News, 2005 May 14.


Don Smith, Quoddy Bay LLC & Smith Cogeneration —

"I wouldn't want the damned thing in my backyard, either, but I was sent to do a job, and I'm going to do it."

— told by Smith to multiple area residents, 2005 March.


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