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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21

"No-LNG Rally for the Bay"
Eastport, Maine

Presented by
Save Passamaquoddy Bay -- Eastport Opposition

No-LNG Rally for the Bay panorama

2005 January 8

Photographs © 2005 Old Sow Publishing

Linda Sisson, educational specialist and founder of Eastport Puppetry Collective, emceed the Rally for the Bay, and introduced the following speakers and performers, who shared their concerns and talents.

Linda Godfrey addresses the Rally
Linda Godfrey, Eastport and Campobello Island businesswoman, and coordinator of Save Passamaquoddy Bay Three-Nation Alliance, opened the Rally, and later told the story of the ancient Prophecy of the Seven Fires.
Jonathan Sisson and Atosis hand puppet Keltic Schmeltic musicians
Jonathan Sisson, educator, poet, and puppeteer, performed his poem, Atosis, which honors the legends and mythology of Passamaquoddy bay.
Keltic Schmeltic played songs of the sea.
Meg McGarvey, business owner
Information table staffed by Nancy Asante Information table
Meg McGarvey, an Eastport and Perry eco-tourism business owner, read a statement from the Cobscook Bay Fishermen's Association opposing the local LNG project.
Jean Wilhelm
The Information Table piqued considerable interest among attendees.
Lesley Pinder
Jean Wilhelm, representing the arts community, spoke about the physical beauty of this place, and how it attracts people who contribute to the creative economy.
Lesley Pinder, MD and marine biologist, spoke about the affects of living with danger. Dr. Pinder practices medicine on Deer Island, in St. Andrews, and in St. Stephen.
Parents and Grandparents against LNG
Parents and Grandparents are taking a stand against LNG in Passamaquoddy Bay. Charlie Lewis
Charlie Lewis, former Eastport City Council member, read his original poems about Passamaquoddy Bay and Eastport.
Eastport Fiddlers
Lynn Bowden
Lynn Bowden, third-generation Eastporter, spoke of her safety concerns for her grandchildren.
Eastport Fiddlers, with guitar backup, entertained the crowd. Later, one performer's mother, Anna Baskerville, presented a passionate request that Governor John Baldacci provide leadership in keeping the LNG terminal away from this areas' children.
Bill Love
Rally crowd
Perry resident Bill Love spoke about Perry Article 40, and its importance in stopping the LNG development at Gleason Cove. He announced a Perry town vote in the near future on Article 40 and mentioned the 294 signatures acquired on a Perry petition opposing the LNG location.
Phyllis Bradbury
An attentive Rally crowd numbered close to 400.
Tess Chaffey Ftorek
Proto-zoologist Phyllis Bradbury discussed the fragility of bay creatures, and the importance of the bay marine nursery.
Tess Chaffey Ftorek, Eastport native and a Registered Maine Guide, addressed the economic importance of eco-tourism, and the negative effects that an LNG terminal here would have.
Emma Lung Band
Alan Furth
Cobscook Community Learning Center educator Alan Furth sang about the flora and fauna of greater Passamaquoddy Bay.
The Emma Lung Band performed a variety of tunes.
Arthur MacKay
Gracie Davis Blanket Dance
Gracie Davis (far left), Passamaquoddy elder and language teacher, performed a Passamaquoddy song, To All My People, for a fund-raising blanket dance (near left).
St. Andrews-area marine biologist Arthur MacKay spoke regarding the $1 billion economy of the area fishery, and the lack of logic in displacing that valuable industry with the proposed LNG industry. MacKay reiterated Canada's strong historical position of prohibiting dangerous-cargo tankers from passing through Head Harbour Passage. Finally, he mentioned the bay's several endangered and protected species, and the strong environmental protection laws in both the US and Canada that will be utilized to prevent the proposed LNG project.
Hilda Lewis
Hilda Lewis, Tribal Council member at Pleasant Point, Passamaquoddy elder, Eastport businesswoman, and retired nurse, recapped her recent election on her anti-LNG platform and the present effort at Pleasant Point to defeat the LNG project.
Vera Francis
Vera Francis, Passamaquoddy educator and storyteller, gave a rousing discussion on the leadership role of Native women in community affairs, championed the belief that Tribal members are capable of expressing themselves on the LNG issue, and spoke out against Quoddy Bay LLC's hiring of Dennis Bailey -- who worked against the Tribe on the Casino proposal -- and Savvy, Inc., to promote the LNG project at Sipayik, even though the Tribal Council had twice voted not to hire Bailey.
ReBell (Rachel Bell and Sam Furth) performed.
Black Socks Band
Nancy Asante
Nancy Asante, community activist and entrepreneur, discussed the two Perry cemeteries -- one still active -- located on the site of the proposed LNG terminal, and the importance of protecting sacred areas.
The Black Socks Band and friends entertained.
Former oncology nurse, and Campobello Island innkeeper Janice Meiners spoke about the Lake Charles, Louisiana, LNG terminal which Quoddy Bay LLC has held up to Tribal members as an example of what the Gleason Cove terminal would be like. Meiners disclosed that the Lake Charles facility area is known locally there as "cancer alley," and discussed severe health implications of industrial complexes that are typically present around LNG terminals.
Alan Brooks of Quoddy Regional Land Trust read the Land Trust's proclamation in opposition to the LNG terminal as being acutely incompatible with this area.
Stephanie Bailey
Children and Moms
Stephanie Bailey of Indian Township Passamaquoddy Reservation brought forward that any decision regarding Tribal Lands requires a decision by the Joint Tribal Council. The Indian Township community intends to pursue this issue.
Children and parents had a good time.
David Moses Bridges
David Moses Bridges, Passamaquoddy artist and educator, presented the call to action, saying that there is no way that the Save Passamaquoddy Bay Three-Nation Alliance will allow LNG to come to Passamaquoddy Bay. Bridges received a thunderous standing ovation from the crowd.

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