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“Voices on the Bay”

Eastport, Maine

2008 September 27

Voices on the Bay mass choir

One of three Concerts Celebrating Passamaquoddy Bay

Other concert locations:
St. Andrews, New Brunswick (Sep 26)
Grand Manan, New Brunswick (Sep 28 Sunday Oct 5; rescheduled due to hurricane)

Photographs on this page contributed by:

Joyce Morrell
See Joyce’s artwork at the
Owen House Country Inn & Gallery on Campobello Island.

Peter Cunningham
Read about Peter in the 2008 Sep 20 Telegraph-Journal article
“Found in the Fog.”

110 area voices honored Passamaquoddy Bay with original and traditional music. The audience was enthusiastic and appreciative.


Passamaquoddy Invocation — Deanna Francis

Mass Choir, Directed by Sharon Crowther, Pianist Jean Doucet

  • The Love of the Sea (Donna Rhodenizer)

St. Andrews Choir, Directed by Pat Brown, Pianist Jean Doucet

  • Passamaquoddy Bay (Ruth Dunfield)
  • River in New Brunswick (Marcus, Feldman/Leavitt)
  • Freedom Song (Brahams/Beery)
  • Row Your Boat (Traditional)

Shiretown Singers, Directed by Sharon Crowther, Pianist Ralph Smith

  • The River Sleeps Beneath the Sky (Mary Lynn Lightfoot)
  • Follow the River (Donnelly/Strid)
  • Waters Ripple and Flow (V. Johnson)

Fishermen’s Friends Choir, Directed by Brenda Tate, Pianist Laura Tate

  • Blessed is the Spot (Bahai hymn)
  • Yellow Submarine (The Beatles)
  • Grand Manan Song (Lyrics by Heather Ingalls, tune by The Ash Grove)

St. Stephen Choir, Directed by Jenny O’Neill, Pianist Joyce Walker

  • Away From the Roll of the Sea (Allister McGilivray)
  • Deer Island (Douglas Major)
  • Song for Peace (Allister McGilvray)

Intermission — Passamaquoddy Bay & the Fundy Isles Slide Show

Mass Choir, Directed by Sharon Crowther, Pianist Jean Doucet

  • Gaelic Blessing* (John Rutter)
  • For the Beauty of the Earth* (John Rutter)
  • Old Irish Blessing (Traditional/Linda Fletcher)

Passamaquoddy Closing — Deanna Francis

Mass Choir, Directed by Sharon Crowther, Pianist Jean Doucet

  • Hymn to Freedom (Oscar Peterson, Hamilton/Reid)

* Some liberties were taken with the lyrics to fit the theme of the concert.

Introduction of the Voices on the Bay project
Save Passamaquoddy Bay 3-Nation Alliance coordinator Linda Godfrey, left, introduced the Voices on the Bay performers at Eastport's Shead High School gymnasium.
Passamaquoddy Elder Deanna Francis sings a traditional blessing
Passamaquoddy tribal elder Deanna Francis sang a traditional blessing of the Bay and of all who were present.
The mass choir assembles prior to the concert
Voices on the Bay mass choir, as they assembled just prior to the performance.
Community choirs — St. Andrews Choir, Shiretown Singers (St. Andrews), Fisherman's Friends Choir (Grand Manan), and St. Stephen Choir — also performed separately, joining together, along with singers from Perry and Eastport, to make up the mass choir.
Sharon Crowther directs the mass choir for an appreciative audience
Sharon Crowther directed the mass choir performing to an appreciative Lubec-to-Calais area audience.

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