Save Passamaquoddy Bay

Save Passamaquoddy Bay
3-Nation Alliance

Alliance to Protect the Quoddy Region
from LNG Development

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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


What Places & Activities
May Be Impacted
by LNG Transport & Terminal

Occupied Community Areas
Public Roads
Ferry Services
Commercial Fishing Activities
Biological Research & Services
Educational Services
Leisure Activities
Sacred Areas

Occupied Community Areas

  1. Campobello Island, NB
    1. Head Harbour Island
    2. Head Harbour area
    3. Casco Bay Island
    4. Wilson’s Beach
    5. North Road
    6. Welshpool
  2. Deer Island, NB
    1. Indian Island
    2. Deer Island Point Campground
    3. Cummings Cove
    4. Fairhaven
    5. Calder’s Head
  3. Eastport, ME
    1. Moose Island, Downtown Eastport
    2. Seaview Campground
    3. Carlow Island
  4. Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation (Sipayik), ME
  5. Perry, ME
    1. Gleason Cove area
    2. Shore Road area
  6. Robbinston
    1. Mill Cove area
  7. St. Andrews
  8. Red Beach (village of Calais)
  9. Bayside


Public Roads

  1. Hwy-774, Campobello Island
  2. North Road, Campobello Island, NB
  3. Water Street, Eastport, ME
  4. Rt-190, Moose Island, Eastport, ME
  5. Rt-190, Carlow Island, Eastport, ME
  6. Rt-190, Sipayik (Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation)
  7. Rt-190, Perry, ME
  8. Gleason Point Road, Perry, ME
  9. Shore Road, Perry, ME
  10. US-1, Robbinston, ME
  11. US-1, Red Beach (village of Calais), ME



  1. Bay of Fundy, NB & ME
    1. Grand Manan Channel, NB & ME, or Shipping Lane, NB
    2. Passamaquoddy Bay, NB & ME
      1. Head Harbour Passage, Campobello Island, NB
        1. Head Harbour, Campobello Island, NB
        2. Harbour DeLoutre, Campobello Island, NB
      2. Western Passage, Deer Island, NB
        1. Harris Cove, Eastport, ME
        2. Johnson Cove, Eastport, ME
        3. Cummings Cove, Deer Island, NB
        4. Gleason Cove, Sipayik, and Perry, ME
        5. Clam Cove, Deer Island, NB
    3. St. Croix Estuary
    4. St. Croix River


Ferry Services

  1. Blacks Harbour, NB - to - Grand Manan Island, NB
  2. Deer Island, NB - to - Indian Island, NB & Campobello Island, NB
  3. Deer Island, NB - to - Indian Island, NB & Eastport, ME


Commercial Fishing Activities

  1. Fish Weirs
    1. Head Harbour Passage, Campobello Island, NB
    2. Numerous islet locations within Head Harbour Passage, NB
    3. Deer Island, NB
    4. Gleason Cove, Perry, ME
    5. Mill Cove, Robbinston, ME
  2. Salmon Farms
    1. Johnson Cove, Eastport, ME
    2. Harbour DeLoutre, Campobello Island, NB
    3. Doctors Cove, Deer Island, NB
    4. Indian Island, NB
    5. Harris Cove, Eastport, ME
    6. Johnson Cove, Eastport, ME
    7. Cummings Cove, Deer Island, NB
  3. Handlining
  4. Lobster Fishing
  5. Scallop Dragging
  6. Sea Urchin Dragging
  7. Sea Urchin Diving
  8. Perrywinkle Harvesting


Biological Research & Services

  1. Gulf of Maine, Inc.
  2. Woods Hole
  3. New England Aquarium
  4. Federal Biological Station, St. Andrews, NB
  5. Huntsman Biological Station, St. Andrews, NB


Educational Services

  1. Elderhostel, Eastport
  2. Elderhostel, Campobello Island
  3. Washington County Community College, Eastport, ME


Leisure Activities

  1. Sailing
  2. Motor Boating
  3. Personal Watercraft
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. Deep Sea Fishing
  6. Whale Watching
    1. Harris Whale Watching, Eastport, ME
    2. Quoddy Link, St. Andrews, NB
  7. Boating Excursions
    1. Sylvina W. Beal schooner, Eastport, ME
    2. Corey II schooner, St. Andrews, NB
    3. Matthew Haley schooner, Eastport, ME
  8. Parks & Recreation Areas
    1. Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Campobello Island, NB
    2. Overlook Park, downtown Eastport, ME
    3. Sipayik Hiking Trail, Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation
    4. Deer Island Campground, Deer Island, NB
    5. Seaview Campground, Eastport, ME
    6. Gleason Point, Perry, ME
    7. Algonquin Golf Course, St. Andrews, NB
    8. Robbinston Boat Launch Park
    9. St. Croix Island, Red Beach, Calais, ME & Bayside, NB
    10. Devil's Head Trail, Calais, ME


Sacred Areas

  1. Multiple Cemeteries, Sipayik / Perry
  2. Tribal Sacred Areas, Sipayik
    1. Split Rock

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