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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


Safety Reports, Resources & Documentation
About LNG & Passamaquoddy Bay

Including Health-related Documents

  • Fay, James
  • Havens, Jerry
  • Venart, James
  • Health Effects of Shipping Related Air Pollutants
  • Breathing Poison: The Toxic Costs of Industries in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana
LNG Safety & Pipeline Safety
LNG Safety
Pipeline Safety

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James A. Fay [Deceased*], Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, MIT
LNG safety expert

* Died 2015 June 2.

Jerry Havens, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of the Chemical Hazards Research Center, University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas Faculty

Research Frontiers’ article, "LNG Research"

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (magazine of global security news & analysis)

"LNG: Safety in science" article, 2004 January / February

James Venart [Deceased*], Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineering, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Emeritus Honorees
Fire and Explosion expert

* Died 2015 July 19.



Health Effects of Shipping Related Air Pollutants

PDF documentPresentation by Diane Mitchell, Ph.D., California Environmental Protection Agency, Air Resources Board (2001 Feb 1) — Adobe Reader PDF document, (13 pages, 2.7 mb).

Breathing Poison: The Toxic Costs of Industries in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana

A Report by —



| LNG Safety | Pipeline Safety |

LNG Safety

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) & Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering (CSChE)

PDF file2010 Jul 20 News Release — "U.S. and Canadian Engineers Explore Safe Siting of Liquid Natural Gas Terminals" (PDF; 139 KB)

PDF file2009 Aug 24–26 Report — "Answering Safe Siting Questions for Liquid Natural Gas Import Terminals" (PDF; 117 KB)

Motion of the California Public Utilities Commission to FERC re Sound Energy Solutions

PDF document Supplement to the record and request for a FERC hearing; includes safety testimony from Dr. Jerry Havens (2005 Oct 4) — Adobe Reader PDF document, ( 88 pages, 1.7 mb).

Latest Developments in Rapid-Phase-Transition Modeling

Offshore Technology Conference Reports on RPT incidents, tests, and modeling


Richard Clarke's May 2005 Report for Rhode Island

PDF documentLNG Facilities in Urban Areas: A security Risk Management Analysis for Attorney General Patrick Lynch, Rhode Island, by Principal Investigator Richard A. Clarke, Good Harbor Consulting, LLC (2005 May) — Adobe Reader PDF document (3.4 mb)

[NOTE: As of 2005 Oct 20, the Rhode Island website is scheduled for redesign, which may affect the location of the above document. The following link is an alternate location on the Save Passamaquoddy Bay website.]

PDF documentAlternate Link — Adobe Reader PDF document (3.4 mb)


Sandia National Laboratories Safety Reports


Sandia Report 2008 PDF"Breach and Safety Analysis of Spills Over Water from Large Liquefied Natural Gas Carriers" (2008 May) — Adobe Reader PDF document (388 KB)

Sandia Report 2008 PDFAlternate link — Adobe Reader PDF document (388 KB)


Sandia Safety Report 2004 PDF"Guidance on Risk Analysis and Safety Implications of a Large Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Spill Over Water" (2004 December 21) — Adobe Reader PDF document (1.6 mb)

Sandia Safety Report 2004 PDFAlternate link — Adobe Reader PDF document (1.6 MB)

"Based on this review and further analysis, the report provides guidance on the appropriateness of models, assumptions and risk management to ensure the safety of human health and property relative to a potential LNG cargo spill over water." — Office of Fossil Energy, US Department of Energy


Public Utilities Fortnightly article on LNG, by Michael T. Burr

Sandia Safety Report PDFLNG Rising — (2004 April, by Public Utilities Fortnightly) — Adobe Reader PDF document

"We’ve seen hydrocarbon incidents happen before. These are extremely volatile substances, and if they are not treated safely you have the potential for a tremendous explosion that could have far-reaching, third-party effects. That is the nature of the beast." — Tony Mayer, managing director, Marsh USA Inc.


Exclusion-Zone Documentation


Public Safety Issues at the Proposed Pleasant Point LNG Terminal

by MIT Professor Emeritus James Fay

Thermal radiation danger zones for a tanker spill at four different locations (page 6). Thermal radiation and flammable vapor danger zones for spills under different scenarios listed in report (page 5).

Pleasant Point Report "Pleasant Point Report" — Adobe Reader PDF document


Mobile Register story on LNG safety:


Opinions of independent scientists —

LNG Fire Impacts PDF"LNG Fire Impacts" — Adobe Reader PDF document


Qualitative Risk Assessment for an LNG Refueling Station
and Review of Relevant Safety Issues

Produced for the US Department of Energy by...
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory,
Alternate Fuels Program,
Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies

Qualitative Risk Assessment PDF"Qualitative Risk Assessment...." — Adobe Reader PDF document (212 pages).


Assessment of Potential Risk Associated with Location of LNG Receiving Terminal Adjacent to Bajamar and Feasible Alternative Locations

Prepared for Bajamar Real Estate Services, S.A. de C.V., Bajamar, El Sauzal, Baja California (30 June 2002) by...

Bill Powers, P.E.
Powers Engineering
San Diego, California

...A good overall view of LNG industrialization and its effect on tourism, including risks. It is applicable to the Quoddy Bay LLC - Pleasant Point Gleason Cove LNG proposal.

Assessment of Potential Risk PDF"Assessment of Potential Risk...." — Adobe Reader PDF document (24 pages).


Properties of LNG — LNG Workshop, 2002 Feb 12

U.S. Department of Energy
Assessing the risk: Modeling Catastrophic Failure
Properties of LNG PDF"Properties of LNG" — Adobe Reader PDF document (43 pages).


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Infrastructure Security:
Background and Issues for Congress — 2003 September 9

Congressional Research Service
LNG Infrastructure Security PDFLiquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Infrastructure Security: Background and Issues for Congress — Adobe Reader PDF document (25 pages; 228.2 kb).


LNG Carrier Holding Tank Cracking Detected — 1998

Widespread cracking occurred in the 9% nickle-steel sperical tanks of LNG/C Asake Maru and her sister vessel Norman Lady. This report describes the assessment, repair, and refurbishing process that took place in 1998. Note: According to the report, all later vessels have been built with aluminum tanks.

LNG Carrier Holding Tank Cracking PDF"Managing Innovation using the Norman Lady and Höegh Galleon as Case Studies" — Adobe Reader PDF document (24 pages); alternative URL: Tanker Cracking Report


Pipeline Safety

Pipeline Safety Trust's commissioned report on FERC's LNG spin

Principle Authors:
Richard B. Kuprewicz, President Accufacts Inc.
Clifford A. Goudey, Outreach Coordinator MIT Sea Grant College Program
Carl M. Weimer, Executive Director Pipeline Safety Trust

Public Safety and FERCs Spin PDFPublic Safety and FERC's LNG Spin: What Citizens Aren't Being Told (2005 May 14) — (PDF; 230 KB).

Congressional Research Service Report for Congress

Public Safety and FERCs Spin PDFKeeping America’s Pipelines Safe and Secure: Key Issues for Congress (PDF; 231 KB; 2012 Feb 15)

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