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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


LNG Developers


Passamaquoddy Bay, Maine

Contiguous 48 States Besides Maine

  • 2016 April 1
    1. Cove Point LNG, export, Lusby, MD (under construction)
    2. Southern LNG, export, Elba Island, GA
    3. Eagle LNG, export, Jacksonville, FL
    4. Gulf LNG, export, Pascagoula, MS
    5. Lake Charles LNG, export, Lake Charles, LA (not under construction)
    6. Magnolia LNG, export, Lake Charles, LA
    7. Calcasieu Pass, export, Cameron Parish, LA
    8. G2 LNG, export, Cameron Parish, LA
    9. Cameron LNG, export, Hackberry, LA (under construction)
    10. CE FLNG, export, Plaquemines, LA
    11. Louisiana LNG, export, Plaquemines, LA
    12. Venture Global LNG, export, Plaquemines Parish, LA
    13. Main Pass LNG, import, deepwater port, Gulf of Mexico, LA (MARAD) (not under construction)
    14. Bienville LNG, import, deepwater port, Gulf of Mexico, LA (MARAD) (not under construction)
    15. Sabine Pass Liquefaction, export, Sabine, LA (under construction)
    16. Golden Pass LNG, export, Sabine Pass, TX
    17. Freeport LNG expansionf & export, Freeport, TX (under construction)
    18. Port Arthur LNG, export, Port Arthur, TX
    19. Corpus Christi LNG, import/export, Corpus Christi, TX (under construction)
    20. Texas LNG, export, Brownsville, TX
    21. Annova LNG, export, Brownsville, TX
    22. Rio Grande LNG, export, Brownsville, TX
    23. Port Ambrose LNG, import, deepwater offshore NY and NJ (MARAD authority)
    24. Oregon LNG, import/export, Astoria, OR
    25. Delfin LNG, export, deepwater offshore LA (MARAD authority)
  • 2014 November
    • No import-only projects remain.
    • There are approximately 16 proposed US LNG export projects.
    • Sabine Pass LNG in Sabine, Louisiana, has received FERC authorization to export LNG, and is under construction.
    • Cove Point LNG in Lusby, Maryland, has received FERC authorization to export LNG.

Puerto Rico

  • 2016 April 1
    • Aguirre Offshore GasPort LNG floating import terminal was authorized by FERC on 2015 Jul 24. Not under construction. Construction was predicted to begin in first quarter 2016. In-service date is projected to be the second quarter of 2017.


  • 2016 April 1
    • Alaska LNG, export, Nikiski, AK (gas supplied from Prudhoe Bay via 800-mile pipeline).
  • 2014
    • There are new proposals to export.
  • 2012 November
    • There was talk of importing LNG to southwestern Alaska.


  • 2016 April 1
    • There are two plans to import LNG in containers to Hawaii for use in generating electricity. No FERC-regulated terminals would be involved.
      • Hawaii Electric Co., import (no FERC-regulated terminal)
      • Hawaii Gas, import (no FERC-regulated terminal)
  • 2012 November
    • There are plans to import LNG to Hawaii via container rather than via LNG freighter.


  • 2016 April 1
    • Guam is no longer considering using LNG to power a new power plant ("PUC to GPA: Cut cost," Pacific Daily News, 2015 October 30)
  • 2014
    • Guam is proposing to import LNG.


Links: National Energy Board Export and Import Licence Applications

Canadian LNG Import and Proposed Export Facilities (September 2014)

Nova Scotia

  • 2016 April 1
    1. Goldboro LNG, export
    2. Bear Head LNG, export, Port Hawkesbury, NS (NEB-approved) (not under construction)
    3. H Energy LNG, export
    4. LNG Nova Scotia, export & bunkering (fueling LNG-powered ships), Halifax, NS
  • 2014
    1. Goldboro LNG export is proposed, to receive one-third of its natural gas from the US Gulf of Mexico, requiring reversing the flow in the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline.
    2. Bear Head LNG export is proposed for Richmond County, Nova Scotia, near Port Tupper. Part of its natural gas supply would require reversing the flow of the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline.
    3. H Energy is proposing an LNG export terminal southeast of Melford, Nova Scotia. It would require obtaining part of its natural gas from reversing flow of the Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline.

New Brunswick

  • 2016 April 1
    • Saint John LNG Development Co., Repsol LNG, Canaport, Saint John, NB, has withdrawn its proposal to export.
  • 2015 September 15
    • Repsol LNG, Canaport, Saint John, NB, has received authorization to export.
  • 2014
    • Corridor Resources of Nova Scotia has suggested that Canaport LNG should be exporting instead of importing.
    • Canaport LNG, Saint John, NB, has received approval to re-export LNG it has imported.


  • 2016 April 1
    • Energie Saguenay Project LNG export, Port of Grande-Anse, La Baie, QC. Application was filed to the National Energy Board (NEB) 2014 Oct 27. A Final Investment Decision (FID) is expected in late 2017.
  • 2014
    • Energie Saguenay at Port of Grande-Anse, La Baie, QC, is planning an export terminal.

British Columbia

  • 2016 April 1
    1. Aurora LNG, export, Grassy Point, Prince Rupert, BC
    2. Grassy Point LNG, export, Grassy Point, Prince Rupert, BC
    3. Orca LNG, export, Prince Rupert, BC
    4. Pacific Northwest LNG, export, Prince Rupert Island, BC
    5. Prince Rupert LNG, export, Prince Rupert, BC
    6. WCC LNG Ltd., export, Tuck Inlet, Prince Rupert, BC
    7. Watson Island LNG, export, Watson Island, Prince Rupert, BC
    8. Triton LNG Limited Partnership, export, potentially at Kitimat or Prince Rupert, BC
    9. Cedar LNG, Douglas Channel, Haisla project lands, BC
    10. Discovery LNG, export, Campbell River, BC
    11. Kitsault Energy Project, export, Kitsault, BC
    12. Kitimat LNG, export, Kitimat, BC
    13. Douglas Channel Energy Project, floating terminal, export, Kitimat, BC
    14. LNG Canada, export, Kitimat, BC (NEB-approved) (not under construction)
    15. Apache Canada, export, Kitimat, BC
    16. Stewart Energy LNG, export, Stewart, BC
    17. Woodfibre LNG, export, Squamish, BC (NEB-approved) (not under construction)
    18. BC LNG Export Cooperative, export, Douglas Island, BC
    19. Steelhead LNG, export, Sanita Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
    20. WesPac LNG, export, Delta, BC
  • 2014
    • No LNG import-only projects remain.
    • There are approximately 16 proposed Canadian LNG export projects being proposed.

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LNG Developers in Passamaquoddy Bay

With the people involved in these projects, and the manner in which events have been occurring, it is within the realm of possibility that there may be only one actual developer.

Developer #1: Quoddy Bay LNG LLC [DEFUNCT]

2008 Oct 17 — FERC dismissed Quoddy Bay LNG from the permitting process for failing for one year to answer FERC's technical questions.

2009 Jun 9 — Pleasant Point Tribal Government ended its relationship with QBLNG after QBLNG’s Ground Lease of Split Rock expired.


Quoddy Bay LLC
Quoddy Bay LNG
Quoddy Bay LNG, LLC
Quoddy Bay Pipeline, LLC
Quoddy Bay Capacity
Lobster Crate Building, LLC
Owns: former Lobster Crate restaurant building and property on Carlow Island in Eastport.

FERC Docket Numbers — Quoddy Bay LNG

Quoddy Bay LNG — Prefiling (This process has been completed):
Quoddy Bay LNG — Formal Filing (for proposed terminal and pipeline):
>> The first LNG terminal application ever to be dismissed by FERC <<

Home Address

Quoddy Bay LNG, LLC
4900 Richmond Square Drive, Suite 104
Oklahoma City OK 73118
(As of 2008 Aug 6, per a letter of notice to the Maine Board of Environmental Protection & as of 2008 Aug 19 per letter of notice to FERC.)

Quoddy Bay, L.L.C. *
320 South Boston
Suite 400

* As of 2005 Nov 15 as on file with the Maine Dept. of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Corporations, Elections and Commissions

It appears that Quoddy Bay LLC may have changed its name to Quoddy Bay LNG, but that is unclear as of this writing. (2006 Sep 21)

Partners in Quoddy Bay LLC (at some point, if not current)

Project Partner with Quoddy Bay LLC: Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Reservation

  • Melvin Francis, Pleasant Point Passamaquoddy Tribal Governor (now deceased).
  • Craig Francis — formerly, as of 2005 December — the Passamaquoddy Tribal attorney (married to Emily Francis of Savvy Inc., the Public Relations firm — formerly, as of 2005 December — promoting Quoddy Bay LLC's project).
  • Robert Williams, of Boston, consulting attorney to the Passamaquoddy Tribe (uncle to Emily Francis of Savvy, Inc.; it's unknown — as of 2005 December — if he was still representing the tribe).

Public Relations for Quoddy Bay LLC

  • James Mitchell (second cousin to Gov. John Baldacci) originally was providing public relations for the project; however, he eventually demurred, since — after almost a year of representing Quoddy Bay LLC — he said there was a conflict of interest since he also represents the Maritimes & Northeast natural gas pipeline.
  • Sutherland & Weston, Bangor, ME (As of 2005 Dec 13)
    • Carey Weston
  • Savvy, Inc., Portland, ME (As of 2005 December 13, may no longer be representing Quoddy Bay LLC)
    • Dennis Bailey (of the "Casino NO" campaign against the tribe)
    • Emily Francis (wife of Tribal Attorney Craig Francis who left the position as tribal attorney in 2005 December)
  • William Alexander and Associates Ltd., Saint John, NB
    • Peter Nelson
  • Documents Related to Project

  • Top

    Developer #2: Downeast LNG [DEFUNCT]

    Downeast Pipeline

    Downeast Liquefaction (new in 2014)

    2014 — Went completely through the FERC permitting process, including FERC's release of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and then altered the project to include exporting LNG. This resulted in FERC suspending its environmental review while Downeast LNG went through the Pre-Filing process for the export proposal (Docket No. PF14-19). That permitting would have been appended to the existing FERC Downeast LNG dockets (CP07-52, CP07-53, and CP07-53-001); and, would have been appended to the existing EIS.


    >> The third LNG terminal application to ever be dismissed by FERC

    FERC Docket Numbers — Downeast LNG [DEFUNCT]

    Downeast LNG import proposal — Prefiling (This process has been completed):
    Downeast LNG export proposal — Prefiling (new in 2014)
    Downeast LNG import proposal — Formal Filing (for proposed terminal and pipeline):
    CP07-53; CP07-53-001


    >> The third LNG terminal application to ever be dismissed by FERC

    Partners in Downeast LNG

    Environmental Contamination

    Downeast LNG developer Dean Girdis likes to tell the public about his service in the Peace Corps; however, his Peace Corps experience apparently didn't instill in Girdis a proper regard for the environment and for indigenous peoples.

    For the same reasons given in the environmental contamination information about Cianbro and Developer #3, Downeast LNG's project would contaminate marine species, and thereby contaminate the Passamaquoddy people who eat those species. Constructing docking facilities anywhere in the area would stir up arsenic, dioxin, and other hazardous contaminants that are currently safely contained a few inches below the surface of the marine bottom.

    Additional evidence that Girdis's Peace Corps experience didn't "take" is that Downeast LNG refuses to comply with the US Coast Guard requirement (as per the Captain of the Port's Letter of Recommendation on LNG ship transits in these waters) to obtain consent from the Passamaquoddy Tribe for use of the shared waterway. In fact, Girdis and Downeast LNG falsely claim that the Passamaquoddy People have no rights in the marine waterway.

    Public Relations for Downeast LNG

    Publicity for Downeast LNG

    • Dianna Graettinger, former Bangor Daily News reporter

    Documents Related to Project


    Developer #3: "Calais LNG Project Company LLC" [DEFUNCT] [2008 Jun 23 — Now available without a userid and password.]

    FERC Docket Numbers — Calais LNG [DEFUNCT]

    Calais LNG — Prefiling:
    Calais LNG — Formal Filing (for proposed terminal and pipeline):
    CP10-31 — Calais Pipeline Company, LLC
    CP10-32 — Calais LNG Project Company LLC


    >> This is the second LNG terminal applicant ever to be dismissed by FERC.


    Calais LNG's Claims vs LNG Industry Reality — a comparison of spin vs fact.


    Numerous business names have been announced to the media by developer #3. They've apparently settled on permanent names.

    1. BP Consulting LLC
    2. St. Croix Consulting
    3. St. Croix Development
    4. Calais LNG
    5. Northeast Energy
    6. Calais Maine LNG Import Terminal
    7. North East Energy Development LLC (NEED)A partnership between Emery and Gelber (2008 Jan); announced 2010 Dec 2 as the new owner of Calais LNG.
    8. Calais LNG
    9. Calais LNG Project Co. LLCthe LNG company name (2008 Jan).

    Partners in Calais LNG Project Co. and/or North East Energy Development LLC

    • Ian Emery (Maine State Representative and member of the Governor's Economic Task Force for Washington County)

      Conflict of Interest

      Ian Emery was a member of the state legislature and a member of the Governor's Economic Task Force for Washington County, while also proposing the Calais LNG project. During that period, he held a conflict-of-interest position by representing his own business interests while simultaneously supposedly representing the public on the same issues.

      Emery did not run for re-election in 2008

    • Arthur W. Gelber, Gelber & Associates of Houston, Texas; development manager of Calais Maine LNG Import Terminal

    2010 Dec —  The following individuals may or may not still be involved in the project

    • Carl Myers, retired Pennsylvania gas utility vice president of UGI Corporation / UGI Energy Services, and general manager of UGI's division, Gasmark®.
    • James Lewis, vice president of ICG Consulting, formerly of Project Technical Liaison Associates, Inc. (PTLA), of Texas.

    Lack of Veracity & Conflict of Interest

    PTL Associates was acquired by ICF International, and Lewis is mentioned on the ICF website as a vice president. According to ICF, in August of 2007, Lewis was appointed to the Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee by US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. The website also indicates that the committee is sponsored by the US Coast Guard.

    So, a US Dept. of Homeland Security-appointed committee member, James Lewis, according to his statements and LNG parlor tricks for Quoddy Bay LNG in Perry and Pleasant Point in February 2005, believes that a catasrophic LNG spill on water can't harm people, assets, or the environment.

    James Lewis's

    • Brazen lack of veracity; and
    • Ownership in an improperly sited LNG terminal proposal (as indicated by SIGTTO best practices for LNG terminal siting),

    …made his participation in the Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee entirely inappropriate.

    • Goldman Sachs, sole financial partner.
    • On 2010 Aug 12, Goldman Sachs backed out as financial backer of Calais LNG, signifying Calais LNG has no value.

    Early Partnership in Calais LNG (now defunct)

    • Cianbro, of Pittsfield, Maine, had apparently agreed to construct the LNG terminal, perhaps in partnership with Calais LNG. — Cianbro is no longer a partner with defunct Calais LNG.

      Partners in Environmental Contamination

      Ironically — and like Downeast LNG: Developer #2Cianbro paints itself as being environmentally sensitive and a friend of the Passamaquoddy tribe, and yet — just like Downeast LNGthe location being proposed for the LNG terminal would stir up environmental hazards that would contaminate fish eaten by Passamaquoddy tribal members, as well as the general public.

      A 2001 study conducted by the Environmental Department of the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point & Cobscook Bay Resource Center established a baseline of contaminants in marine species in Passmaquoddy Bay that are eaten by Passamaquoddy tribal members. The Passamaquoddy Tribe is concerned that tribal members' health suffers from ingesting dioxin, heavy metals, and other contaminants previously deposited in the St. Croix River and Passamaquoddy Bay by the Baileyville papermill, and are found in those marine species. The toxic deposits are below the bottom surface, but construction in the waterway would release them, and would further contaminate marine species and anyone who eats those species. Lobsters and scallops are among the species that would suffer contamination.

    Attorneys representing Calais LNG Project Co.


    Developer #4: Same as Developer #1 — Quoddy Bay LLC [DEFUNCT]

    In 2007, it became known that Bear Creek Investments had purchased (or optioned to purchase) land abutting the Developer #2 project (Downeast LNG) in Robbinston. This purchase appears to be an attempt to stop the Downeast LNG project from compliance with FERC Thermal Exclusion Zone compliance for LNG terminals.

    Quoddy Bay LLC has been lurking in the North Lubec area under an assumed name "Bear Creek Investments," through the person Hubert E. Bereman, Vice President for Development Engineering at Smith Cogeneration International Inc. That's one of Donald M. Smith's companies. [Source: Bangor Daily News, "Lubec LNG queries lead back to Okla. developer," 2005 Oct 22.]


    LNG Developers Elsewhere in the USA

    Excelerate Energy — The relatively "Good" LNG Developer
    Offshore LNG Terminals: the Ultimate Safety, Security & Supply Solution

    NOTE: Offshore siting may still present significant negative environmental and economic impacts, especially to the fishing industry.

    The First Offshore LNG Terminal — In Operation Since March 2005

    Excelerate Energy built the first offshore LNG terminal, Gulf Gateway Energy Bridge, 115 miles offshore from Louisiana, and has been operating the terminal since 2005 March 17.

    The terminal endured Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, suffering only minor cosmetic damage to the metering platform. The LNG vessel EBRV Excellence was attached to the buoy and delivered natural gas throughout Hurricane Katrina.

    2011 Apr 13 — Excelerate Energy announced in a news releast that it is shutting down and scrapping its Gulf Gateway LNG terminal due to lack of need.

    Massachusetts Northeast Gateway Offshore Terminal — Began Operation in 2008

    Excelerate's Northeast Gateway project — 13 miles from the Massachusetts shore near Gloucester — is a deepwater port (270 – 290 feet deep) with two subsea mooring buoys, and connected to the Algonquin subsea hubline. This terminal is now in operation.

    Excelerate's projects use LNG vessels that — far offshore — regasify the LNG onboard, and send out natural gas into the hubline.

    Offshore siting provides maximum safety to the public, and reduces shore-based terrorism risk.

    This source of natural gas supply — in addition to the current and larger supplies from Canada (Canaport in Saint John, NB, and Deep Panuke natural gas mine off Nova Scotia), along with the Suez's Neptune LNG facility, also offshore from Gloucester, Massachusetts — negates the need for even one LNG terminal in Passamaquoddy Bay.

    Three Additional Offshore Projects Under Development

    Excelerate is also in the process of developing offshore deepwater LNG terminals off the coast of northern California ("Pacific Gateway") and off the coast of Florida ("Southeast Gateway"), as well as transshipment (at-sea ship-to-ship transfer) of LNG, reducing the need for additional regasification-capable LNG tankers.


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