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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


Living in the Downeast LNG Hazard Zones

LNG Developer-designated Hazard Zones
in Passamaquoddy Bay & Grand Manan Channel
— or —
What Downeast LNG Doesn't Want You to Know

"Zones of Concern" = Hazard Zones

Zones of potential threat to life, health, property, environment, and existing uses that accompany LNG ships are euphamistically referred to by FERC and the US Coast Guard as "Zones of Concern." A more accurate term is what they were originally named by Sandia National Laboratories: "Hazard Zones."

These zones include the following hazards:


Proposed LNG Ship Transit Route

Downeast LNG

Downeast LNG is proposing that LNG ships transit on both the east side (the existing shipping lane) and west side (Grand Manan Channel) of Grand Manan in approaching Head Harbour Passage. Images including Grand Manan Channel will be added on a later date.

Downeast LNG ship transit route At left is an image Downeast LNG submitted to FERC, showing the Hazard Zones from the LNG ship along the proposed transit route. (See a larger version of the image.)

The image below, with communities labeled, also shows the Downeast LNG ship transit route in four segments. (Each segment image links to a larger version of that respective segment.)

The Hazard Zones that would accompany Downeast LNG's transiting and berthed LNG ships:

Note that portions of Campobello Island, NB; Deer Island, NB; and Eastport, ME, would fall within Hazard Zone 1, in which anyone present would likely be killed in the event of an LNG release. Portions of St. Andrews, NB, including the Algonquin Golf Course and the St. Andrews Blockhouse National Historic Site, would fall within Hazard Zone 3 the entire time an LNG were in port.

Quoddy Bay LNG (DEFUNCT)

Developers are considering a route through Grand Manan Channel. They have selected that route to reduce criticism for endangering right whales; however, taking any route, they cannot guarantee that right whales won't be in their path.

Note the Hazard Zones that accompany transiting and berthed LNG ships:

Hazard Zones along Quoddy Bay LNG's proposed ship route
(Below) Composite image of Quoddy Bay LNG's proposed LNG ship transit route through Passamaquoddy Bay's Head Harbour Passage and Western Passage, to the two proposed berths at Split Rock at Sipayik. The Hazard Zones that would accompany each ship are surrounded with red, gold, and green lines.
Security Zones around berthed ships at Sipayik
(Above) The security zones around Quoddy Bay LNG's two proposed berths at Split Rock in Western Passage of Passamaquoddy Bay.
(Above) Quoddy Bay LNG's proposed transit route through Grand Manan Channel and into Passamaquoddy Bay.
PDF file
PDF file
Larger version of above image
(PDF; 369.5 KB )
Larger version of above image
(PDF; 473.9 KB )
(Above, right)
Deer Island & Campobello Island
(Above, left) Sipayik, Perry, Deer Island & Eastport
PDF file
(Above, center) Deer Island, Eastport & Campobello Island
PDF file
PDF file
Larger version of composite right image
(PDF; 614.3 KB )
Larger version of composite left image
(PDF; 731.9 )
Larger version of composite center image
(PDF; 698.6 KB )
PDF file
Larger version of above entire 3-Image composite (PDF; 1.8 MB )

Communities Affected by Proposed Downeast LNG Ship Transits

Affected communities along the entire LNG transit route would depend on the route taken alongside Grand Manan — to the east or west of the island. Downeast LNG proposes to use both routes. Transits in Grand Manan Channel (west of the island) would impact the following communities:


Eastport In the Hazard Zones flyer PDF file Flyer, "Eastport in the Hazard Zones" (Single-sided, single sheet PDF; 3.7 MB)

Sipayik, Pleasant Point

Sipayik In the Permanent Hazard Zones flyer PDF file Flyer, "Sipayik… Are You Ready to Live in the Permanent Hazard Zones?" (Two-sided, single sheet PDF; 1.3 MB)

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