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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


Maine Board of Environmental Protection

Hearing Schedules for…

Downeast LNG > 2007 Jul 16–20 |

Quoddy Bay LNG [Defunct]

Calais LNG > 2010 Jul 19–23 [Cancelled]

Downeast LNG project BEP Hearing Schedule

2007 July 16–20

Each daily schedule is provided on a separate page & is subject to change.

| Monday, July 16 | Tuesday, July 17 | Wednesday, July 18 | Thursday, July 19 | Friday, July 20 |

Quoddy Bay LNG project BEP Hearing Schedule

[The Quoddy Bay LNG hearing never transpired; the project is defunct]


2008 April 28FERC suspended Quoddy Bay LNG permitting.
Subsequently, Quoddy Bay LNG withdrew from the Maine permitting process.

2008 October 17FERC dismissed Quoddy Bay LNG from the permitting process, ending the projectthe first LNG terminal project ever to be dismissed by FERC.

Calais LNG project BEP Hearing Schedule

2010 July 19–23

[The hearings were not conducted due to Calais LNG's permitting deficiencies and loss of financial capacity.]

2010 Jul 13At the last minute, Calais LNG notified the BEP that the company's state permits were incomplete, requesting delay of the permit hearings.

2010 Jul 14The BEP granted Calais LNG's request to delay the hearings.

2010 Jul 21Calais LNG indicated it had lost its financial partner, GS Power Holdings, a subsidy of Goldman Sachs.

2010 Aug 31Calais LNG failed to renew its option to purchase the land required for its proposed terminal, losing Title, Right, or Interest (TRI) in the land. TRI is required for Maine (and FERC) permitting.

2010 Nov 17 — Owners of the land required for Calais LNG's terminal notified the Maine Board of Environmental Protection that Calais LNG had not renewed its option to purchase upon expiring on 2010 Aug 31; meaning, Calais LNG no longer holds the required TRI for state permitting.


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