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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


News Articles
Passamaquoddy Bay & LNG

November 2004

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29 November 2004

States may lose their say on LNG — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

"It smacks of backroom, inside deals to line the pockets of executives, at the expense of our environment and the safety of the people of this nation," says Rhode Island Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch.


27 November 2004

Planning for LNG — Bangor Daily News (Editorial)

An accident involving a tanker headed to Saint John, New Brunswick, could cause just as much damage as one headed to Pleasant Point.


26 November 2004

Congress outlines support for LNG — CBS Marketwatch

Spending bill says U.S., not states, has siting authority

Language in bill worries LNG foes — the News Journal

Not a problem, lawmakers say (25 Nov)


24 November 2004

[Australian] Wind cheaper than gas or coal —, Australia (Free Subscription required)

"I know that there is enough wind and hydro power to provide secure supply for the next 15 years at a price well below coal or LNG," said Mr. Turner, CEO of New Zealand's largest generation company Meridian Energy, owner of Australia's Southern Hydro. (25 Nov, Australian Time)


23 November 2004

Commission blasts Baldacci on LNG — Republican Journal, Belfast, ME

Waldo County Commissioners to Baldacci: "If you really believe that an LNG plant in Penobscot Bay is a good idea, we invite you to bring the entire region together and make your case, with open meetings, all cards on the table, no secret talks, honest discussions of costs and benefit, and a much broader cast of public participants."


22 November 2004

Offshore LNG terminal proposal faces opposition — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Lawyers for Fall River port proponents and a Texas company face off before the regulatory commission.

TransCanada and Shell plan US$700M LNG terminal in NY Long Island Sound — CBC News

The terminal, named Broadwater Energy, would store and regasify imported LNG with an average send-out capacity of one billion cubic feet a day of natural gas.

Kennedy, Kerry fight Fall River LNG plan — Boston Herald

U.S. Sens. Edward M. Kennedy [related, bio] (D-Mass.) andJohn F. Kerry [related, bio] (D-Mass.) joined together yesterday to oppose a proposed liquefied natural gas facility in Fall River. (20 Nov)

Tough Calls on LNG — Northern Sky News, Belfast, ME

At least part of the challenge is a sort of Catch 22. (Nov. issue)


19 November 2004

LNG company challenges Hess — Herald News, Fall River, MA

A Texas-based liquefied natural gas company, proposing an LNG facility in Providence, has advised the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that Hess LNG’s draft environmental impact statement is highly inaccurate and misrepresentative of the Southwestern company’s technology and proposed projects.

Canadian official faults tribe's LNG plant — Bangor Daily News

Canada's environmental minister told a Saint John, New Brunswick, paper this week that he would protect the country from the risk of huge tankers filled with liquefied natural gas from using the Head Harbor Passage near Campobello Island. But Minister Stephane Dion stopped short of rejecting the proposed $300 million LNG plant being built by the Passamaquoddy Tribe at Pleasant Point until a formal proposal was presented to U.S. regulators.

LNG proposal faces new safety issues —

Officials in Massachusetts urging federal 'exclusion zones'.


18 November 2004

Federal minister stops short of rejecting proposed U.S. terminal — Telegraph-Journal, New Brunswick

The federal environment minister says he will protect Canada from the risk of huge tankers using the Head Harbour Passage to ship liquefied natural gas to a proposed LNG terminal in Maine. (16 Nov)


17 November 2004

Phila. utility offers site for LNG terminal —

BP, which wants N.J. plant, rejected locations in heavily populated areas

Panel advises getting more LNG information —, south coast of Oregon

Two panelists who spoke at a community forum this weekend said that if residents really want to know the facility's impacts, they should bring in independent experts to analyze the project instead of relying on government oversight.

Radical Islam and LNG in Trinidad and Tobago — Energy Security, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security

With maritime terrorists currently combing the world for ways to make their message reach as wide an audience as possible, LNG tankers could be their perfect mass casualty weapon. (15 Nov)

LNG Film Now Available at — eMediaWire

The documentary film “The Risks and Danger of LNG,” an Official Selection of the Malibu Film Festival, 2004, highlights the hazards of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). (15 Nov)

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Issues Sabine Pass LNG Final Environmental Impact Statement —

This completes the final stage in FERC's environmental review process prior to issuing authorization for siting, construction, and operation of the Sabine facility in Louisiana. (12 Nov)

Public hearing on LNG terminal draws a crowd — Daily News, Galveston, TX

The energy giant began by attempting to make amends to residents who say they are angry about the way it and the Port of Galveston negotiated for terminal land. (11 Nov)

Anticipated LNG terminals edge toward reality — PlanetARK

Irving expects its facility to open in 2007. (11 Nov)


3 November 2004

Petition questions how town is run — Press Herald, Portland, ME

LNG issue prompts government reform effort (2 Nov)

Anadarko begins Bear Head LNG terminal construction — Oil & Gas Journal

Anadarko Petroleum Corp., Houston, has begun construction of LNG terminal at Bear Head, on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. (2 Nov)


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