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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
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News Articles
Passamaquoddy Bay & LNG

September 2004

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29 September 2004

Scientists fear LNG terminals could hurt fishing — Herald Tribune, Sarasota, FL

NOAA: When LNG is heated back into gaseous form, using heated seawater, sealife eggs & larvae will be harmed.


28 September 2004

East Coast natural gas basin not likely to help future supply needs: Enbridge —

North America's growing natural gas demands will likely not be filled from Canada’s offshore East Coast

Fall River chamber opposes LNG project — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Directors voted unanimously against the proposal


27 September 2004

LNG blast statement (21 Sep) rebutted by Lloyd's of London:
That's Lloyd's Register, not Lloyd's of London. — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Lloyd's Register uses engineering techniques to analyze the threat of terrorism to proposed and existing LNG facilities


25 September 2004

Repsol joins Irving in LNG project — Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON

Irving facility to be first LNG receiving terminal on the continent in which Repsol will have an ownership stake


24 September 2004

Irving, Repsol agree on LNG plant — Globe and Mail, Toronto, ON

Now moving ahead with detailed engineering plans for the Saint John facility

Providence Mayor Cicilline seeks delay in next step for LNG — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Emergency-response plan should be developed and paid for by the LNG company

Fall River Mayor confident bridge work will doom LNG port — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

It is far too premature for regulators to issue permits for the proposed port terminal

Bob Kerr: Dear LNG: Please leave very soon — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

It’s time for LNG to look elsewhere (Opinion)

Fall River Safety officials: No LNG — Herald News, Fall River, MA (Sep 23)

Public safety, close-by population to the proposed site, environment, and socioeconomics reasons why the project does not fit

Portsmouth, RI opposes LNG terminal — East Bay Newspapers (Sep 23)

Council members voted Sep 22 to draft a resolution opposing the plan


22 September 2004

Down East power connection; Domtar likes LNG plan — Bangor Daily News

"With additional gas supplies into our region, co-generation opportunities can be explored, offering substantial benefits to Washington County's fragile economy." — C. Scott Beal, Domtar manager of Compliance and Technology, Woodland Mill in Baileyville. (Opinion Column)

Fall River Mayor takes another swing at Hess; will sue to stop LNG plan — Herald News, Fall River, MA

" make it easy for FERC to understand that there are many reasons for us to oppose this."

FERC rejects move to extend Fall River comment period deadline — Herald News, Fall River, MA

Mayor Lambert: "...we believe that FERC should extend this comment period so that this report can be properly reviewed."


21 September 2004

Lloyd's executive likens LNG attack to nuclear explosion — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Chairman of Lloyd's, British insurer of natural gas port facilities, world’s second-largest commercial insurer, urges caution


LNG blast statement rebutted by Lloyd's: That's Lloyd's Register, not Lloyd's of London.Providence Journal

Citing terror, dredging concerns, MA Gov Romney blasts Fall River LNG plan — Boston Business Journal

Site's proximity to residences raises the stakes of any terrorist action

Romney takes explosive stand against Fall River LNG: No more in our back yards — Boston Herald

"...unacceptable in an age of terrorism." "...FERC could still overrule local objections..."

LNG firm offers $3m yearly to Richmond County, NS — Halifax Herald Limited

"They've been second to none when it comes to discussing components of the project of concern to the community."


20 September 2004

MA Attorney General criticizes FERC LNG report — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

Army Corps of Engineers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are also concerned

LNG tanker adrift north of Bergen is now under tow — Norway Post, Baerum, Norway

Tanker was near rocks off Fedje, preparations made to evacuate island, fearing tanker would explode if grounded


18 September 2004

MA Agencies raise LNG concerns — Herald News, Fall River, MA

Loss of shellfish habitat, safety concerns & need for federal LNG siting standards cited

Delay urged on Fall River LNG facility — Boston Globe

MA Atty General urges delay "until true siting standards are in place and a regional plan is developed"


16 September 2004

Save The Bay condemns Fall River LNG proposal — Herald News, Fall River, MA

Project dredging would cause severe harm to Mount Hope Bay marine life

Federal regulators asked to coordinate LNG project reviews — Worcester Telegram, Worcester, MA

Should Coast Guard and FERC better coordinate their reviews of LNG terminals?


15 September 2004

Terminal for Passamaquoddy Bay is a tri-national issue — Telegraph Journal, Saint John, NB

"...their communities are inextricably linked and they must work together to save what they have...." (Opinion column)

Maine memo fuels more debate over LNG plans — Providence Journal, Providence, RI

"...The Journal confirmed the authenticity of the memo with officials in Maine." (Free subscription required)


14 September 2004

2 gas plants needed for N.E. — Boston Globe

But facilities can be built in Canada instead of here, US official says


13 September 2004

With LNG, Will Compromise Ever Be Possible? — Bangor Daily News

"It is unfortunate that there is no state-wide scrutiny of the LNG dilemma...." (Opinion)


11 September 2004

Group to Challenge Tribe's LNG Plan — WMTW TV Auburn,ME

"We Take Care of the Homeland" to Challenge Tribal Vote


9 September 2004

Woman Wages Battle Against LNG Terminal — Bangor Daily News

Indian Township Woman Wants All Tribal Members to Have Say

A regional plan for LNG — Boston Globe Editorial

Granting regulatory approval on a first-come, first-served basis a mistake

AGs, mayor tackle LNG issue — The Herald News, Fall River, Mass

MA & RI Attorneys General, plus Fall River Mayor File Petition with Federal DOT

Cianbro Pulls Plug on LNG Plan — WLBZ TV Bangor, ME

Cianbro won’t pursue LNG where people are strongly opposed


8 September 2004

Cianbro Axes Gouldsboro LNG Plan — Bangor Daily News

Cianbro Accedes to Community Opposition
(No Bangor Daily News online article)


5 September 2004

Canadians Cancel Planned LNG Protest — WMTW TV Portland, ME

High winds result in cancellation

Criticism Greets Latest LNG Plan — Portland Press Herald

Proposal is within Acadia National Park purchase boundaries


3 September 2004

Maine LNG Terminal Worries Environmentalists —

"'s absolutely the wrong place to put an LNG terminal." (Story no longer available online.)

MP Greg Thompson Leading the Charge in Opposition to the LNG Terminal in Maine
— CBC Radio Saint John, NB, Information Morning

Read CBC News Article

Download the Radio Program

Interview with MP Greg Thompson
"Information Morning" program
CBC Radio, Saint John, New Brunswick
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Playing time = 5:45

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2 September 2004

Anti-LNG mail list reportedly stolen — Bangor Daily News

List Stolen from Machiasport Man’s Truck


1 September 2004

LNG Terminal Proposed For Gouldsboro — Ellsworth American

Cianbro Proposes Terminal at Former Naval Station


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