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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
                                           — US Senator Susan Collins, 2012 Jun 21


FERC eLibrary
Downeast LNG Formal Application
Comment Filings List

Docket Number CP07-52

2012 December

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2012 December

Listed here in Ascending Date Order by Date Posted to FERC eLibrary.
NOTE: The Docket List on the FERC website is in order by Date Filed, rather than by Date Posted.

Dec 5

Filed By: House of Commons, Canada
Filed Date: 12/4/2012
Accession No: 20121205-0001
Description: Member of Parliament, John Williamson submits comments regarding the Liquefied Natural Gas development, terminals and traffic in Passamaquoddy Bay under CP07-52 et al.

Summary: This is Canada Member of Parliament John Williamson's letter to FERC Chairman Jon Wellinghoff that SPB/Canada previously filed, restating Canada's refusal to cooperate with Downeast LNG ship safety and security, and firmly prohibiting LNG ship transits to the proposed Downeast LNG terminal, and that Downeast LNG should withdraw from permitting.

Information: FILE LIST

Dec 7

Filed By: Save Passamaquoddy Bay
Filed Date: 12/7/2012
Accession No: 20121207-5001
Description: The NERA Economic Consulting Analysis with respect to US LNG importing, comment of Save Passamaquoddy Bay under CP07-52, et al.

Summary: The NERA Economic Consulting report states that LNG exports would be good for the US economy, and the more LNG exported, the better the economy.

Since Downeast LNG proposes to import — the exact opposite of what the report indicates would be good for the economy — Downeast LNG is proposing activity that would harm the US economy, and is contrary to the public interest.

Information: FILE LIST


Dec 18


Filed Date: 12/17/2012
Accession No: 20121217-0024
Description: State of Maine, Office of the Governor letter requesting that Maine State Planning Office be removed from the Commission's official service lists and mailing list under CP07-52 et al.

Summary: The Governor of Maine again requests removal of the Maine State Planning Office from the FERC Downeast LNG Service List, since that office has been abolished and its FERC-related issues replaced by the Governor's Energy Office and the Maine Coastal Program. The Governor asks that the Governor's Energy Office and Maine Coastal Program be added to the Service List in place of the State Planning Office. The State's original request for removal from the Service List was made on 2012 Nov 6, Accession No. 20121108-0011, posted to the docket on 2012 Nov 8.

Information: FILE LIST


Dec 26

Filed Date: 12/26/2012
Accession No: 20121226-0011
Description: Maine Office of the Governor submits letter requesting FERC to remove Maine State Planning Office from the Commission's official service lists et al under CP07-52 et al.

Summary: This is a another duplicate request to change State of Maine intervenor contacts, but this time includes the email address for the Governor's Energy Office. [NOTE: On 2013 Jan 13, the Governor's Energy Office director Kenneth Fletcher announced he will be leaving the office on Monday, Jan 7. He is being replaced by Patrick Woodcock. This means that on Monday, the Service List name and email for the Governor's Energy Office will again change from the information provided in this current docket comment.]

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