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"For much of the state of Maine, the environment is the economy"
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FERC eLibrary
Downeast LNG Formal Application
Comment Filings List

Docket Number CP07-52

2016 March

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2016 March

Listed here in Ascending Date Order by Posted Date, rather than by Filed Date to FERC eLibrary.
NOTE: The Docket List on the FERC website is in Date Order by Date Filed, rather than by Date Posted.

Mar 1

Filed By: Downeast Liquefaction, LLC Downeast LNG, Inc. Downeast Pipeline, LLC
Filed Date: 2/29/2016
Accession No: 20160229-5447
Description: Supplemental Information / Request of Downeast Liquefaction, LLC, et. al. under PF14-19, et. al.
Information: FILE LIST

Summary: DeLNG asks FERC to extend the permitting abeyance that began on 2015 Oct 30 until 2016 Jun 1.

Apparently, Dean Girdis cannot find a new investor willing to throw even more money away on his dead horse project.

NOTE: Although this filing was apparently submitted on 2016 Feb 29, it did not appear on the FERC docket until 2016 Mar 1.


Filed By: Save Passamaquoddy Bay
Filed Date: 3/1/2016
Accession No: 20160301-5088
Description: Permitting abeyance deadline comment of Save Passamaquoddy Bay under PF14-19, et al.
Information: FILE LIST

Webmaster's comment: Downeast LNG has failed to abide by its own permitting abeyance request deadline of 2016 Feb 29 — yet again delaying the permitting process, apparently because Downeast LNG no longer has any investors.


Mar 2

Filed By: Save Passamaquoddy Bay
Filed Date: 3/2/2016
Accession No: 20160302-5022
Description: Applicant abeyance extension request comment of Save Passamaquoddy Bay under PF14-19, et al.
Information: FILE LIST

Webmaster's comment:Downeast LNG uses a bogus excuse to ask for a permitting abeyance extension.